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Published on: February 18, 2021

ZONEGolf123 Core Concepts Manual

Brian Burke, a military veteran and longtime resident of the South Shore area, is now sharing his passion through 30 plus years of golf experience in a new book, ZONEGolf123 Core Concepts Manual. His tag line, A Simple Solution for a Complex Game, truly resonates after working with hundreds of satisfied clients. He wrote the book to spread the word around the globe to encourage and help others who are trying to improve their short game with his revolutionary new way of viewing and mastering the short game.

His question to you is “Why not know your distances around the green?” If you’re armed with this information before you even step on the course, you will be able to use this to get out of any kind of trouble if you miss the green on your approach shots.

Until now there was no great method to document these findings. It was all left up to muscle memory on how we did it before or guess how to create the distance needed. It is not just feel that needs to be developed to get great results around the green but also knowing the right formula that creates these shots. His formula makes it easy to document distances by dividing up the short game into three Key Performance Indicators that can be documented. By knowing the right combination of swing distance, swing speed and face orientation to create distances, you can use them when needed on the course and develop trust in a game that is overwhelming with doubt and fear at times.

After years of playing competitively at the Amateur Level, he developed this system to improve his own game. By having distances charted that he could trust, he began making fewer errors in tournaments, and it proved so consistent that he won more and more tournaments, winning Player of the Year in 2004 honors on the Michelob Amateur Tour. Now, after years as a golf instructor through the United States Golf Teachers Federation and Adaptive Golf Association and testing it on his students, he has found that it works with every level of golfer, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals.

Most players try to manipulate the club to carry the ball to a spot on the green where they think it will roll to the hole. This allows doubt and fear to creep in, but ZG123 allows you to know how far the ball is going to fly as it provides solid distance findings so you can use that information to estimate your landing area and trust that the ball will cover the distance you need so your ball can snuggle up close to the pin.

How the system works: Players can get as in depth as they want, as the book starts with the beginning level and continues all the way to the advanced level. First you learn the three swing distances mentioned in the book and use a swing speed that can be repeated with a square clubface with clubs used around the green. Once you hit 20 or so shots in what he calls the “Discovery Phase,” the average distance is documented in a chart. This chart starts to fill in and becomes your new yardage book for the short game. Once on the course, these distances can be referenced quickly for shots needed to hit the green and get the ball close to the hole. As your skill improves, you can use varying swing speeds to find new distances you are capable of with your clubs and use those shots when needed on the course.

Hopefully, you will also learn through this reading how to prepare and deal with other situations that come up on the course. The book is filled with insights from his years of teaching experience and helping determine what to do when things go off the rails while you are on the course. From course management to how the golf swing affects our body during the swing, he provides insights to help navigate the good, the bad and the ugly.

With a price set well below the cost of a typical golf lesson, his hope is that through this easy reading, there may be one small thing you can incorporate into your game to improve your enjoyment of the game. If you are struggling with your game, this system will help you take control over your outcomes around the green. Get your copy now to reap the benefits. In doing so, you will enjoy the game for years to come.

ISBN 978-1-09833-037-8


This self-published book is available in paperback and in eBook form through and Amazon.


“I Cared And They Changed My Life”

Donna Baskwell, life-long resident of the South Shore area and recently retired from her work in Elder Care Management, is now sharing her 25 years of experience in a book. After working with about 100 clients, she hopes to encourage and help someone caring for an elderly parent or loved one. It is not just the daily interaction, which is necessary, but also knowing the right things to say, the right ways to react and the right ways to move forward. Also, things must be done for the benefit of the person needing your help and your trust.

A work history of banking, legal, accounting and income tax prepared her for a career never expected — elder care management. Living close to a retirement community, she realized there was a tremendous need for a trustworthy person to manage the affairs of older individuals when they no longer wanted that responsibility or could no longer handle the complexity of their daily lives.

Elder Care Management, simply put, is being a surrogate son or daughter to older people. There is no legal title or documentation — only the fact that you “substitute” yourself as the son or daughter they never had or the child who does not live close by. Or, sadly, the child they do have but could care less about helping their parent. She was not a “giver” of care in the hands-on sense — just a caring “manager.”

She felt now was the time for her to share her expertise by trying to help others should they encounter a time in their lives when they are dealing with an older person. Incorporated in the book are funny things, sad things and scary things that have happened over the years. How to deal with family and friends when they come into the mix and, unfortunately, how to deal with those who feel they can take advantage of older people. Some of those she dealt with you may know — not by name, but by what they invented or did as a profession or the part they played in preserving our freedoms.

Hopefully, you will also learn through this reading how to deal with situations that come up: helping determine what to do when the system fails you or what not to do or say in a particular situation and knowing what documents need to be in place. It is important to let them keep their independence. You should laugh with them and never at them, but most of all, how to make them comfortable with the life they are now living.

ISBN 9798595920346

The self-published book is available in paperback and in eBook form through Amazon. It is short, fun and easy to read.