Badcock Home Furniture &more gives back to community

Published on: January 14, 2021

Mike Borders, Mulberry area director of the Boys and Girls Club, and club participants receive a donation check from employees and executives of the Badcock Home Furniture &more corporate office.

Badcock family member Emily Vickers poses with recipients of the proceeds from W.S. Badcock’s employee sale.

Badcock Home Furniture &more gives back to community

Employee sale benefits Boys and Girls Club

W.S. Badcock Corporation, the company behind its namesake, Badcock Home Furniture &more, has a long-standing history with the Boys and Girls Club. Each year, Badcock holds two employee sales in which sample merchandise is sold to its corporate employees in an auction setting, with proceeds directly benefiting the local club in the corporate headquarters town of Mulberry. These regular donations, combined with other initiatives, help fund new buildings and the implementation and ongoing expenses of after-school and summer programs.

This year’s winter auction was the very first to use an electronic format, allowing for an easier bidding and purchasing process while being sensitive to in-person concerns stemming from the pandemic. The auction ran from noon on Dec. 11 to 17, allowing plenty of time for employees to view items in-person and bid online.

With nearly every item being offered bought by an employee and any remaining merchandise donated to charity, the digital format was a big success.

Since the opening of the Mulberry Boys and Girls Club, Badcock has been a great provider and support for the local families and children in the community. The day before Christmas Eve, Boys and Girls Club of Mulberry area director, Mike Borders, brought a few of the program’s kids to the Badcock Corporate Office to receive the donation of $25,424. “I would like to thank the Badcock family and employees for their generosity towards a good cause in our community,” said Borders.

President and CEO of Badcock, Rob Burnette, is happy to be heavily involved with this local club, saying “I am incredibly proud of our continued contributions to such a worthy organization in our local community. I am equally thankful for our employees’ vested interests in regularly raising money for worthwhile causes above and beyond what our organization normally takes part in; we truly have a company culture full of caring individuals.”

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