Essential Agreements For Class

Published on: December 7, 2020

The group used @sherrattsam table sets to draw or write a moment when they felt one of the words at school. The children, teachers and assistants then talked about what happened so they could feel a word. Where the swimming teacher might say, “I`m really angry when the kids run around the pool.” Feelings on the board created a compass so that we dig deeper into the source of the frustration. It wasn`t about the race itself – but that the kids didn`t respect the agreements to stay safe. At first I was a little confused, but I had to smile. When I said it was not the rules, but essential agreements, I realized that they were the same for him. […] A key agreement has been reached in our classroom. He focused on two areas: how we deal with each other and how we […] I really like that the focus is not on the rules, but on an essential agreement that reflects collective values and behaviours about how the class wants to have its learning environment. Today, Jocelyn and I developed our class agreement. We started asking the children to think carefully and then write down what helps them learn and what hinders their learning. Later, we brought back a list of all the things they had written, and as a group, the students highlighted those they considered to be an essential class agreement that would maximize learning for all.

This will be compiled, another time, to make sure everyone agrees and then we will have our class meal agreement! On the first day of school, the three classes in my class, their specialized teachers and class assistants came together to create an essential agreement for our school year. […] Time, but it is a delicate and important process in our attempt to understand each other. This blog, from the IB website, is a great resource for those who are interested in formulating essential agreements […] Stephanie is a teacher in a fabulous class of Grade 4 students.