We’re still here … despite the lack of signage

Published on: August 6, 2020


We’re still here … despite the lack of signage

When something big happens, you know what happens next — social media lights up – Twitter, Facebook, Next Door. Pick your poison.

The chamber was the center of a “light up” this week. But our social media onslaught came from the telephone. Maybe you haven’t seen it yet. Well, go drive by the chamber building. There’s no sign on the front of the building where it used to be. The calls came fast and furious – you’ve moved….you’ve closed….what’s wrong….can we help. The answers are no…no…nothing….and no, thank you.

The chamber of commerce sign fell off the building. If you had ever really looked at it, you wouldn’t be surprised. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. I have all the letters in a bag in my office. But I will not be Crazy-gluing anything back onto the blank space.

So the sign is one change, but we have a lot of other changes we are working on. Like every other small business in South Hillsborough County, we’re working on ways to redefine ourselves as a consequence of these unusual times that may never quite return to a pre-Corona normal.

One big change coming soon.

We’re working on holding our fall expo this summer. Of course, it will look totally different, but it will still have the same connection between member businesses and local residents. Stay tuned….we’re just tying up some loose ends.

What won’t change is the chamber’s commitment to our member businesses as they try to navigate this new normal. So don’t forget to ask the chamber when looking for any type of assistance you need in your daily lives. We’ll find your answers in our member directory. Just give us a call or come by the building that temporarily has no sign.

Just one thing I wish would change. I wish Google would change its search for the Sun City Center DMV. Last week, we hit a new high. Fifteen calls and two walk-ins looking to renew their drivers’ licenses. Maybe the new sign on our building should be “DMV” with an arrow pointing to Ruskin – cuz that’s where the Sun City Center Department of Motor Vehicles is located – Ruskin.

Hope to see you soon – just don’t be put off by the blank sign. We’re still here, helping out residents and businesses alike. That’s our job.

Lynne Conlan is Executive Director of the Sun City Center Area Chamber of Commerce. Call her at 813-634-5111, or email