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SCC’s Memorial Day tribute takes a break this year

Published on: May 21, 2020

The 100+ volunteers who traditionally honor fallen SCC veterans with a Living Flag Tribute won’t be needed this year. Organizers say they expect to resume the Memorial Day Commemoration Ceremony—a three-decades’ tradition—next year. BILL HODGES 2019 FILE PHOTO

SCC’s Memorial Day tribute takes a break this year


As Memorial Day approaches, our focus on public events paying tribute to deceased military veterans is dimmed. In Sun City Center, there will be no Memorial Day Commemoration Ceremony — a tradition that has held fast for at least three decades—and Memorial Day just won’t be the same without it.

Our 136 SCC deceased veterans (current or past residents) are being honored in spirit this year, however. Their names will be included in the traditional Last Roll Call accompanied by the Living Flag Tribute at the 2021 ceremony. In this part of the ceremony, individuals display flags representing each of the fallen SCC veterans as his or her name is called.

For those unfamiliar with the event, let’s reflect on Memorial Day last year. The commemoration ceremony, held in the Kings Point Veterans Theatre, was hosted by the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), SCC Chapter and sponsored by the combined military veterans’ organizations of SCC. Many other organizations participated, such as the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (Color Guard), the Boy Scouts and the Trinity Baptist Church Singers (musical interlude), to name a few.

Several hundred attended and heard Judge Michael Scionti, guest speaker, deliver extremely moving and thought-provoking personal military anecdotes. Judge Scionti is an Active Reserve Army Lieutenant with extensive military and political experience, including Veterans Treatment Court in Tampa for veterans who find themselves in legal difficulty. You can hear a recent interview with him on the Veterans Corner Radio podcast hosted by Bill Hodges.

So that we can honor the SCC veterans who have passed since Memorial Day 2019, their names are printed below. Paul Wheat, who compiled the list, is requesting help by our readers to ensure that it is complete and accurate for honoring at next year’s ceremony. If you notice there is a missing name or a name is spelled incorrectly, please notify Wheat by e-mail at or call 813-634-7777.

SCC veterans (current or previous residents) who have died since Memorial Day 2019

Garth R. Akridge

Edgar Alford

Bruce D. Arnold

Sydney Ashbridge

Crayton W. Awtry

Fred Baillergeon

Phillip L. Baker

George K. Baker

Richard H. Bennett

Henry J. Binder

Harry L. Braun

John Brennan

Michael N. Brett

Lawrence Brigant

John I. Brown

Harry T. Burgess

Ray W. Burney Jr.

Richard M. Burrous

Archer Corbin Bush Jr.

William E. Byrd

Dennis C. Callaway

James E. Chaudoin

Victor M. Corrado

Jack Adair Craig Jr.

Louis Crum

John J. DeGouff

Fred Deutscher

David Bruce Dibble

Franklin Eugene Dickey

Thomas Charles Domeika

Thomas Durant

Richard L. Erickson

Charles T. Feldschau

Joseph L. Flores

Henry Fraind

John Marshall Gaines Sr.

Adam E. Gawrysh

John Kent Glye

Gilbert Goldman

James Douglas Grady

Nelson Grimm

Val J. Gude

Frank Habeck

Raymond G. Hafner

Carl F. Haiser

Eugene Thomas Halla

George F. Hammond

Russell Handy Jr.

Kenneth J. Hansen

Louis P. Harding

John K. Hargraves

Charles E. Hassell Jr.

Dorothy May Hill

Clyde Irwin

Frank Jackalone

Dean R. Jenison

Frank R. Kimbro

John J. Kingston

Norman C. Koehler

Albert Josef Kohnle

Charles Kuhar Sr.

Larry Kuntz

Edward Landry

Richard Joseph Langlois

Eleanor C. L’Ecuyer

Marvin L. Lent

Arthur G. Liebler

Harold G. Lillie

Clyde R. Lobaugh

Stephen M. Lucas

Floyd E. Luxton

John B. Mannon

Robert L. Marshall

William McCracken

Mark T. McDonnell

Sloan C. McKernan

Herbert John McKittrick Jr.

Bernard F. Meisel Jr.

Juan Mera

Charles E. Midlam

Armond R. Miely

James C. Milks

Paul Monnette

Linda Moody

Eugene Morris

Barry Myers

Donald H. Nathan

John Neuenswander

John Joseph Nocivelli

William H. Odell

Henry Ozga

Donald Phillips

Angelo John Pignataro

James W. Piles

Wade Pritchett

Gerald Pritzi

Doris Healey Ragland

John Reagan III

Lewis D. Resseguie

Donnis C. Reynolds

Stephen L. Rizzotti

Sixto Colon Rodriguez

Danny R. Roland

Guido J. Romano

Maurice Roukous

Joseph R. Scola

William Shanks

Frank S. Simon

Phillip Ross Smith

Robert S. Solin

James J. Sotire Sr.

James I. Spandau

Wendell D. Spencer

M.P. St. Clair

Shirley Stanford

Conrad W. Stauffer

Tyler Sturdevant

Bobby L. Thomas

Urias D. Tidwell Jr.

Robert Lewis Twitty

Steven A. Uhlman

Robert R. Vincent

Tony Vrell

John L. Walker

Richard Wallace

Michael P. Walsh

Robert D. Waters

William Edgar Watson

Ronald Watts

Charles Joseph Weir Jr.

Robert Wertman

John L. Westinghouse

Richard J. Whalen

George Whitfield

Charles B. Whittington

Robert Wright

Thomas J. Yurkovic