Thank you, and we’re sorry.

Published on: April 15, 2020


Thank you, and we’re sorry.

This week I have to say, “Thank you.” It won’t be the last time….but let’s get the “thanks” started. I’ve been safely travelling around town, while social distancing and wearing a mask. And everyone seems to be following the rules. Masks on…six feet apart. Okay, there have been exceptions. But they are exceptions…not the rule.

And then there are all those things you’re doing behind the scenes; the stuff you think nobody notices: shopping for your neighbor; checking in on our seniors; donating to local charities; patronizing our local businesses that are still open; ordering take out from our neighborhood restaurants. You didn’t think we noticed. We are. And we thank you for all you’re doing.

And more thanks from the entire team at South Bay Hospital. They want me to tell you that they are grateful for the continuous outpouring of support and donations from the entire community.

And as I’ve learned from reaching out to chamber member businesses, our members are among those we need to thank, as well. They are all doing amazing things to keep themselves upbeat and focused and are always eager to help each other out.

I, personally, need to say thanks to the people who invented the masks. We all know that black clothing is slimming. But I just found out that masks hide your age. Leaving the grocery store the other day, the clerk said “Thanks, Miss.” I will be wearing my mask for life.

But with all the “thanks” we’re giving out today, it is also time to say “we’re sorry.” We all owe many apologies to the stylists and barbers out there. You have been keeping us beautiful for years. Now we’re on our own. I have already trimmed my bangs using the kitchen shears. My next challenge will be cutting my husband’s hair based on a YouTube tutorial. Rest up, stylists. When this is over, you will have a lot of correcting to do.

But in all seriousness, everyone, keep doing what you are doing and let us know what the chamber can do for you. As the chamber’s new mantra says, We’re “Better Together.” Stay safe and stay strong. And keep those age-defying masks on!

Lynne Conlan is Executive Director of the Sun City Center Area Chamber of Commerce. Call her at 813-634-5111, or email