Observer News sales staff gets down and dirty

Published on: February 12, 2020

Observer News ad consultants represent South Shore in MUDGIRL 5K

The Observer News ad consultants, Desi Ferreira and Melissa Roberts, ran in a MUDGIRL 5K in Dade City on Saturday, Feb. 8. The 5K is great for team building, but its main purpose was to support breast cancer awareness.

Observer News ad consultants, Desi Ferreira and Melissa Roberts, completed the MUDGIRL 5K.

With a chilly start to the day at 39 degrees, but it turned into beautiful weather.

Ferreira ran with SeaGlass Church’s team, Clean For Jesus. Her teammates were Gwendy Gregory, Stacey Lindo, Jayce Elliott and Brooke Whalen.

Roberts ran with Coach D’s Dirty Girls. Her team members were Samantha Balausky, Dimitria Manning, Tessa Seldat and Arlinda Ramos.

Since 2017, the MUDGIRL event has committed itself to partner with renowned foundations that fight breast cancer in North America. ​Through its close collaborations, they were extremely proud to have contributed a donation of $111,058 to breast cancer charities in 2019.

​In 2020, they wish to continue efforts for this important cause that touches us all through their support and partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The 5K has no time limits and no obligation to go through every obstacle. You are there to have fun, while creating a unique experience, no matter your level of training or athletic capability.

The program includes a three mile course with 17-plus obstacles that are fun and doable by all. Visit for more information and to sign up for the next race.

The SeaGlass Church team, Clean by Jesus, from left: Gwendy Gregory, Brooke Whalen, Jayce Elliott, Stacey Lindo and Desi Ferreira.

Coach D’s Dirty Girls team, from left: Dimitria Manning, Arlinda Ramos, Tessa Seldat, Melissa Roberts and Samantha Balausky.

These women are willing to get dirty to support awareness for breast cancer.

SeaGlass Church’s team, Clean by Jesus, had a chilly early start at the MUDGIRL 5K.