Pinwheels for Peace

Published on: October 3, 2019

Elementary school students plant pinwheels for peace

Over 550 students, teachers, staff members and even Principal Kelly McMillan made and planted individual pinwheels for the Apollo Beach Elementary School’s annual Pinwheels for Peace celebration. By the time they were finished, a giant peace sign lay on the front lawn of the school to promote peace, harmony and good will within the school and the community, said art teacher Margit Redlawsk, who has coordinated the project for more than 15 years, at both Summerfield Elementary in Riverview and here at Apollo Beach.

“Promoting peace (and the elements of it) is imbedded in our school culture as a National School of Character,” she said. “The students look forward to it. Many say it’s their favorite project of the year.”

Lois Kindle

A giant peace sign is completed on the lawn at Apollo Beach Elementary School after all participants had planted their individual contributions for this year’s Pinwheels for Peace celebration.

Teacher Laura Kiser assists 1st grader Conner Clay, 6, with planting his pinwheel.

Seven-year-old Naomi Syrus carefully lines up her brightly colored pinwheel during her class’s turn to plant during Pinwheels for Peace.

Madison Porrata, 8, a student in Michelle Johnson’s 2nd grade class, looks for the perfect spot to plant her pinwheel when her turn in line comes up.


Fourth-graders Dominic Liguori, Chelsea Handly and Tali Katz are as proud as the younger kids in showing off their pinwheels during Pinwheels for Peace.

Third-grader Austen Brush, 8, carefully cuts out the border of his pinwheel after finishing its design in art class.

First-grade student Dominic Bywaters, 6, is all smiles after planting his pinwheel during Pinwheels for Peace at Apollo Beach Elementary School.

Art teacher Margit Redlawsk chats with 8-year-old Isabella Falto as she colors in her pinwheel.

Teacher Stacie Seal, right, and some of her 5th-grade students show off their pinwheels before planting them on the front lawn at Apollo Beach Elementary School. From left are Harper McDowell, Charleigh Bell, Gwen Jordan, Brooke Brantley and Olivia Mallette.

Third-grader Julia Banks, 8, works intently on her pinwheel design in Margit Redlawsk’s art class. More than 550 students, teachers and school staff made pinwheels for this year’s Pinwheels for Peace celebration.

Kindergartener Victoria Escamillo, 5, is among the first students to plant her pinwheel Sept. 20 during Pinwheels for Peace at Apollo Beach Elementary School.