Thank you, Observer News

Published on: September 18, 2019

Thank you, Observer News and surrounding community

Dear Editor,

This is a very special thank you to The SCC Observer and the entire Sun City Center community for their overwhelming support in the “give back” backpack project, sponsored by Humana, the Military Family Support Trust, the Retired Officers Corporation, and the SCC Chamber of Commerce.

We received generous donations of everything on the list! You made it possible for over 100 “filled to the brim” backpacks to be given to homeless veterans.

Special thanks goes to Lois Kindle for pictures and articles describing the plight of the homeless, Frank Feder with Humana for donating the backpacks, and Burt Bennett for his generosity in providing a watch for each one. Freedom Plaza assisted in the collection of donated items. The chamber was a central location for this project, and they gave very generously of their time, space for collection, distribution, and the packing of the backpacks.

How wonderful it is to live in a community that is caring, giving and generous… What a great place to call home!

Jane Keegan, Military Family Support Trust

Connie Lesko, Retired Officers Corporatio