Dear Editor

Published on: June 5, 2019

‘No Wake’ is a law, not a suggestion

Dear Editor,

Summer has arrived. The heat is undeniable, air conditioners are running constantly and everyone is heading for the water. I know this is true because the boat traffic down the [Ruskin] Inlet has increased substantially. A majority of these folks pay no heed to the no wake zone law from the entrance of the inlet to Commongood park. I am always perplexed by the blatant disregard for the law and the indignant attitude toward those who live on the inlet. Folks, it’s not an option to travel at No Wake; it’s the law, and, yes, it applies to everyone! The damage caused by those who just don’t care is substantial over time.

Today, within one hour, five of the eight boats, which went by my property were kicking up a pretty good wake; well, one was a jet ski, but the law applies to them as well. We have all had to spend several thousand dollars to beef up our seawalls to protect our property. But people do not care. The county doesn’t care. The FWC doesn’t care. Of course, if this were Culbreath Isles, enforcement would be everywhere. But it is not; it is Ruskin, the red-headed stepchild of Hillsborough county.

Now, every piece of raw land is being paved and built on. Soon our traffic will increase by 10s of thousands of cars and the boat traffic will increase as well. And so will those who just do not care about their neighbors or property owners. It’s sad the way our society has become so callous and uncaring. There was a day when people respected the law and other people’s property. I guess that time has passed.

All that said, maybe if one person who kicks up wake will read this and slow down, well, that would be a great beginning.

Brad Walters