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Published on: April 18, 2019

It’s okay to say no

For a little word, “no” certainly carries a big punch. And it somehow has become akin to those four letter words we cannot mention in polite company. It seems to stem from peer pressure. If you say “no,” you feel guilty and fear that no one will like you anymore. I’ve said “yes” in more instances than I should for that very reason. Let’s stop it.

It’s okay to say no for a number of reasons. Lifehack shared a few. You can say “no” because you don’t owe anybody anything. Now that’s telling them. And if someone gets upset, you can’t control what everyone thinks of you anyway. And you’re the only person who knows what your current priorities and deadlines are. Only you know if you have time for that “yes.”

According to HufPost Life, there are a few other tidbits to add. Never say “yes” when you are tired. In that condition, you could probably be talked into anything. And if you’re uncomfortable about something – “no’s” the word. Just imagine being invited to a friend’s dinner party that your ex will be attending. Big “no.” Say “no” if you’re really not interested or invested in the project. What if your friends want you to take their kids camping, but your idea of roughing it is staying at a Holiday Inn without a color TV? No interest.

But just remember, “no” is also an answer. If that pesky sales person just won’t leave you alone, tell him “no.” It’s only fair. Then he can move on to better prospects who just may give him his “yes.”

But here’s something I believe you can give your “yes” to wholeheartedly. The chamber’s last golf cart poker run of the season is Friday, May 3. You know you want to come. Get your golf cart ready and be at the chamber by 1 p.m. And please, if you are coming, RSVP to the chamber by Wednesday, May 1. We want to be ready for you. And yes, we will have a great time.

Lynne Conlan is Executive Director of the Sun City Center Area Chamber of Commerce. Call her at 813-634-5111, or email