Are the ‘best’ things really free?

Published on: February 14, 2019

Chamber News & Views

Are the best things in life really free? That’s what “they” say. Now, I haven’t actually been able to determine who “they” are, but they seem to have a lot to say. Like: “A stitch in time saves nine.” Nine what? “He who hesitates is lost.” But he usually doesn’t have to pick up the tab. And my favorite. “The early bird catches the worm.” Let him keep the slimy thing. So unfortunately, we’re no closer to finding “them” but let’s go back to my question and see if “they” can answer it. 

Are the best things in life free? Let’s analyze some of the best things. Vacations are awesome. But I’ve never had a free one. Even the time I won a trip to the Bahamas. Drinks and excursions were not included in the free part — so even “free” cost me money.

Hugs and kisses. Free, right? Not so much. 

Grandma and grandpa: The grandkids are over. Hugs and kisses are easily translated to “I see the cookies on the kitchen counter and want them now.” 

Moms and dads: Hugs and kisses from anyone over 15 means “I want to borrow the car tonight.” So, there’s a price tag in all cases. 

Let’s get some famous people to weigh in. They’ve got to know something. Singer, songwriter Richard Hell (yes, that is his real last name) is a little bit of a downer. He claims: “My initial reaction to this question is that nothing is free. Even the sun causes cancer. Water is getting more and more expensive. Everyone tells you that marriage is work.” Okay. Enough out of him.

Fashionista Coco Chanel claimed: “The best things in life are free. But the second-best things are very, very expensive.” I kinda like that. 

And finally, a totally different point of view from actress and activist Yao Chan who puts it this way: “The best things in life really are free. They are indispensable and always with us ­— like air, sunlight and water. We pay them little attention, taking them for granted. “Well, in my humble opinion, there are a few free things you better be taking advantage of. My all-time favorite is laughter.” It’s difficult not to feel your best when you’re in the middle of a belly-aching bout of laughter. For me, humor is the root of everything good. Everything possible.

So have a good laugh today. I promise you won’t be getting a bill.

Lynne Conlan is Executive Director of the Sun City Center Area Chamber of Commerce. Call her at 813-634-5111, or email