With the holidays over, local firms can help you to spruce things up

Published on: January 4, 2018

Thomas Michael, with Get It Done Handyman Services, does everything from installing fences, to building accent walls inside homes and putting up new shutters. This time of year, many are looking to spruce up, now that the holidays are behind us and the new year ahead.


After putting the holidays in the rearview mirror, many families take the opportunity to tick off some items on the honey-do list, not to mention cleaning up after company has headed back North.

Riverview has dozens, if not hundreds of small-business entrepreneurs ready to offer their services for pressure washing, tile grout cleaning, fence repair or replacement and other needed repairs.

“I basically try to offer clients anything they need,” said Thomas Michael of Get It Done Handyman Services. “I actually just completed an accent wall that I’m really proud of. Basically, my customer said she’s been looking at accent walls everyone has been doing.” He transformed the main living room wall in to a rustic wood wall. “It was the first time I ever did it, and it came out really good.”

Michael also does tree trimming and fence-building, can put up a pergola, remodel a small bathroom or install hurricane shutters.

“I did some huge queen palm trees, 30 to 40 feet high, trimming them up,” Michael said. “I was pretty proud of those. They were really overgrown. It was night and day after they were trimmed. They had nine of them. Then, I pressure washed the home’s pool enclosure.” He can be reached at 813-528-0475.

Kevin Tuthill and his partner, Scott Johnson, run SK Lawns and Ponds. For now, the new businessmen are focusing on landscape work, with plans to branch out in to pond maintenance for area neighborhoods.

“We can re-sod, mulch, pretty much anything you need done,” Tuthill said. “Most landscapers, they come in and mow, and that’s it. We do weeds, palm frond removal, trim bushes and hedges, all included in our price.”

The duo already has several commercial properties, including some churches they maintain and residential lawns they do monthly. They are looking to expand. They can be reached at 813-445-6662.

Jeremy Brook of Brook Pressure Washing.

Dennis Napoli, of Gecko Floor Care said a lot of people this time of year are looking to clean grout and carpeting, once the relatives and friends have headed back to the cold country.

“In the winter months, the carpets will dry faster, but also, people have visited, they’ve made their mess, and they left. It is a good time to get things brightened back up. And this time of year, you’re not going to let a lot of AC out while the cleaning takes place.”

Napoli said winter, with its lack of humidity, makes it the best time to clean carpet, because it will dry faster.

Gecko uses a technique called hot-water extraction, which extracts dirt, rather than pushing it down in to carpet fibers.

Gecko can be reached at 813-924-7344.

Sean Parry said he offers a one-stop shop for residential and commercial businesses through his Phoenix Total Services. “We do carpet and tile and upholstery cleaning, pressure washing, lawn and landscaping and commercial janitorial services.

“Right now, it’s definitely a great time of year to do some cleaning,” Parry said. “Cleaning your carpet and tile now is a great way to start the new year off.”

Also, he said, this is the time of year homeowners associations are traveling neighborhoods and writing infractions.

To make an appointment, call 813-800-7469.

Crow’s Handyman and Lawn Service can do everything from painting to installing new Sheetrock or new woodwork, said owner Clayton Crow.

“We go in to flooring, tile, plumbing, electrical. I’ve been doing plumbing for over 20 years and have 10 years electrical experience,” he said.

“Right now, it’s a lot of punch lists, with people trying to finish up this and that, stuff like putting in ceiling fans and faucets, freshening up the house with paint.

“I’m usually about two days out for appointments. Anything to do with the home, I can take care of it.”  Call 813-324-9995.

Brook Pressure Washing owner Jeremy Brook said most people don’t understand that their homes need a thorough cleaning twice a year, which helps the paint last longer.

SK Lawns and Ponds’ work can be seen at Covewood HOA in Riverview.

“What happens is all that growth — the green and the black you see on the house — eventually finds its way in to the paint,” he explained. “That growth can get so adhesive to the paint that it will take the paint off as well.” The first of the year and the middle of the year are good times to get the pressure washing done, he said.

Brook uses a technique called soft washing, which uses lower pressure, along with soap and a bleach mixture. “That kind of washing gives longer-lasting results. You want the bleach to kill the roots of that organic growth. Water alone won’t kill it. It could come back in two or three months. The soap will act like a barrier to keep new growth from coming back as quickly.”

Brook Pressure Washing can be reached at 813-610-5251.