Letters to the Editor January 4, 2018

Published on: January 4, 2018

The decline of SCC community image and value

A couple of years ago I thought maybe we should change the name of the town from Sun City Center to Little Wimauma or incorporate the town with Ruskin. After all SCC is no longer patterned after Del Webb’s over 55 retirement city. Especially since there is no longer any eagerness for curb appeal or town beautification standards. Oh sure the town’s median plantings and new CA office buildings look inviting to any visitors coming in on Pebble Beach Blvd. but start driving around the community and you’ll start to see cars parked on the front and side lawn, large boats parked in the front driveway and now oversize mobile homes. You would think for a moment you missed the turn on Pebble  and continued east or west on S.R. 674. And of course there is also the newest phase, large 6-foot, white-plastic fences around the entire house that not only blocks the view of the neighborhood from your neighbor but blocks the view of the neighborhood security watch. The CA board will tell you they have no jurisdiction over the property owner’s rights to do as they please nor can they report to the county when any ordinances are  being violated. I guess back in the ̓70s and ̓80s when the CA was known as the Civic Association they had more clout when it came to maintaining the image, value and security that Del Webb envisioned for the community. Times have certainly changed and so will the value of the community and homeowners’ property value if nothing changes.

BK, Sun City Center