Letters to the Editor December 28, 2017

Published on: December 28, 2017

On theft from vulnerable seniors

It is important to know that there is more than one OPEN SECRET — when so many people know the truth and so few talk about it out loud.  This OPEN SECRET is that many senior citizens are RELIEVED of their personal possessions while living in an senior care facility.

The weekend of December 15th another senior citizen living in a care facility was the victim of a “LOST ITEM.”  The victim was a dementia patient who has needed and received extraordinary assistance from the facility where she has lived for over two years. Now we find that her engagement and wedding rings are MISSING.

I called the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office asking for assistance.  I am guessing that if the administrator at the facility had called the reaction would have been the same. The sheriff deputies were unable to help find out what happened to the rings because no one could confirm that the rings were stolen…and the sheriff’s office can help only if there is evidence of a crime. The office cannot spend any time questioning staff members if the rings are gone but cannot be identified as having been stolen.

So once again the OPEN SECRET in ALFs continues. This particular ALF has another resident who had a LOST ITEM in the recent past.  Even knowing about this MISSING ITEM cannot elicit action, because no crime can be proven in this event, either.  The county has so many calls each day that without something to work with their efforts can be futile.

Let’s get this OPEN SECRET out in the public.  Why and how can senior citizens be victimized when, because of many varied reasons, they can no longer care for and protect themselves?  Families place their trust in the care facilities, counting on care and security for their loved ones. Our family has been grateful for the loving care that has been given to this resident, and we have seen how well other residents are treated.  But the OPEN SECRET continues to treat seniors with little or no respect.  I will take a stand here and guess that the LOST ITEMS may have been STOLEN.

What can be done to hold others accountable for such actions as these?  What deterrent is there if nothing will be done unless someone SEES THE CRIME?  Why wouldn’t these issues continue?

When these rings were removed from my mother’s finger by a stranger, it was the first time they had BEEN REMOVED since 1949.

Carolyn Greenwood
Sun City Center

Where are the CARE photos?

The first generation of seniors at Sun City Center looked forward to photos of your pets for adoption. You not only generated smiles, you generated adoptions, and financial gifts. One of which build your year-round building. Your website requires us to find out your name and that you exist — go back to your free advertising in the News of Sun City Center and The SCC Observer. Give those longing animals a better chance of a home and remember seniors are mostly stay-at-home parents. I’m a three-time owner. Don’t miss out.

Lezlie Pitzer, Kings Point

Merry Christmas!

Dear editor,

I was extremely pleased​ to​ see that the photo on the front page actually had a “MERRY CHRISTMAS” greeting. I for one never believed in wishing people “HAPPY HOLIDAYS.” As I’m watching TV specials, listening to radio stations, and seeing commercials from food stores etc.​,​ it is evident that many of them have gone​ back​ to wishing everyone “MERRY CHRISTMAS”  instead of Happy Holidays. Now having said that, I don’t mind seeing/hearing Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah. God bless you for not giving in the PC trend.

Merry Christmas​.​

Uta Kuhn, Sun City Center