Chamber View: Let us be thankful — and prepared

Published on: December 7, 2017

Tanya Doran

Executive Director, Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce

As the holiday season quickly approaches, I encourage you to take time to think about the past and give thanks for the many blessings in your life. We all have something to be grateful for, family, friends and basics like nutritious food, clean water, warm clothing and shelter.

Life is busy, and precious time escapes too quickly. It’s comforting to take a moment to reflect; some may even say it’s relaxing. We never know what tomorrow has in store for us.

The unexpected is bound to happen eventually. I have experienced it myself. Many of us have had someone in our life become ill or die without a moment’s notice, and we know the same could happen to us.

I know death is not a pleasant topic, but it’s one we should all plan for and expect. It’s a fact: Some day we will die, hopefully after living a long, full, loving and productive life.

Families struggling with an unexpected death of a loved one must deal with living life without that person and his or her support. This can feel devastating, and if that lost loved one didn’t plan for the inevitable, the situation becomes worse.

While dealing with the grief and pain of a major loss, the family is forced to make hard decisions if a plan of action wasn’t created or never discussed. None of us should leave our loved ones stranded and guessing.

Take the necessary time now to review various scenarios and discuss them with your family members. Write down your plan, include as many details as possible, and then consult a professional.

The professionals at All Family Law Group, All Life Legal, Christopher Ligori and Associates, Law Office of Clinton Paris, Law Office of George Hunter, Spano & Woody and William P. Schwarz can help you review and prepare your family’s plan.

And business owners should prepare a succession plan. If you don’t currently have one, the Florida Small Business Development Center at Hillsborough County can provide valuable guidance at no expense. Not only is your family counting on you, your employees are too. Preparing them for going on without you is perhaps the greatest gift you can give.

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