Letters to the Editor November 23, 2017

Published on: November 23, 2017

Gratitude for Ruskin VFW

My congratulations to the Ruskin VFW Post 6287 for their  organization and cooperation in organizing the Veterans  Parade last Saturday.

If  you missed the parade, I suggest you circle next years  calender and attend the parade. What a great sight to see  all the floats, bands, and local organizations and all the others who participated. A special thanks to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office for a job well done in traffic control on U.S. 41.

Well done Ruskin VFW!

Phil Fleming
Sun City Center

Elks say thanks

The Elk’s Lodge #2672 thanks The Observer News for helping make “Shoes for Christmas” a successful event. Thanks for all the printing you did for us and for the article written by Lois Kindle  letting the readers know about our event. We thank all who donated time and money.  We raised over $2,000 and all the funds will be spent in this community for those in need of shoes.  Your paper again proved it is here to help in this area.

We cannot say thank you enough.

John Fasick, Ex Ruler
Bob Preston, Activities
Priscilla Mixon, Event Chairperson

A Dog’s Forgiveness

Have you ever done or said something and later felt awful about it? I know that I have. For an example, just the other morning, I yelled at my dog, Rocko.  Rocko and I had returned from our usual morning walk and like always, I hung his leash up on a nail. As usual, Rocko is always at my heels whenever we leave or return to the house.  As I turned to exit the Florida Room, I accidentally bumped into him.  He’s usually quick enough to get out of the way, but this time he did not. So, I said, “Sorry boy,” and continued to my bedroom to say my morning prayers. As usual, Rocko followed me and sat in front of the bedroom door. As I finished my prayers and headed down the hallway, I bumped into him again. This time, out of frustration, I yelled at him, “Rocko, go lie down!”

We have heard the saying, “It is not what you say, it is how you say it.” Dogs, like people, can distinguish vocal tone.  After yelling at him, I then saw the sadness in his eyes. It was a sadness that mirrored my own as a youth whenever my mom yelled at me.  Certainly, there were times the yells were warranted, but many times they were not.  In this instance, Rocko certainly did not deserve to have his mommy yelling at him.  I immediately felt awful. It was my own fault — I bumped into him — he did not bump into me.  I know that he follows me from room to room. I know that he only wants to be near his mommy. Knowing this made me feel even worse. Is there any moment when you could, as Cher said, “turn back time”?

Moments later, as I passed Rocko lying in his bed, he was wagging his tail and happiness in his eyes had returned. He gave me a reassuring look to say “all is forgiven.” Rocko truly amazes me.  He did not hold onto a grudge. He forgave quickly. He had moved on and was living in the moment. If my mom yelled at me, I would not speak to her for at least two days. I was mad and I wanted her to know it. Forgiveness was the last thing on my mind.

Rocko, on the other hand, reminded me to forgive quickly. We cannot turn back time and have to just live in the moment. He proved this again, when he lifted his head and kissed my nose as I bent down to put on his collar and leash for his afternoon walk.

Forgiveness is a strength that gives you power. Holding on to grudges does a person no good, so let them go.  Forgive quickly and move on. Forgiveness is for you, not the other person. As Rocko also reminded me, “Let the past be the past and live in the moment.” Oh, a dog’s forgiveness is truly wonderful.

Sharon D. Clayton
Sun City Center