M&M Printing a one-stop shop for all your printing needs

Published on: August 24, 2017

An employee of M&M Printing in Ruskin stretches a print over a canvas to reproduce a painting. A recently purchased large-format scanner can reproduce blueprints, maps, most paintings and large-format documents in one piece.


Anyone who’s been around South Shore for any length of time knows about M&M Printing. It’s the company that prints four editions of The Observer News, the area’s only locally owned and locally based community newspaper.

But what many don’t know is the plethora of services the 47-year-old company offers, in addition to newspaper printing. Did you know, for example, M&M prints books as one of its specialties? It can print and bind one copy or thousands, and there’s no shipping charges for local customers. It offers quick turnarounds, and you deal directly with the owners.

“No job is too small,” said M&M co-owner Wes Mullins, company CEO and publisher of The Observer News. “We specialize in short-run, print-on-demand newspapers, catalogs, newsletters, school and community papers, training manuals and brochures. We print everything from business cards and books to several newspapers.”

That’s not all said Chere Simmons, creative director.

“We also offer design services for any kind of project,” she said. “It can be as simple as a business card or as complex as a promotional brochure or custom form like a service contract.”

“You can come in with a concept, and we’ll handle the rest,” Mullins added.

With few exceptions, if a job needs printing, M&M does it.

Here are some of the other products the company prints: banners, bookmarks, bulletins, calendars, catalogs, door hangers, full-color and black and white envelopes (even in small quantities), flyers, invoices, letterhead, magazines, magnetized car signs, menus, posters and more.

M&M also offers mailing services, poly wrapping, lamination, folding, inserting trimming and delivery. It also has a large format scanner to reproduce blueprints, maps, most paintings and large-format documents in one piece.

The owners of M&M Printing, David Payne, COO and vice president, left, Karina Mullins, president and administrator, and Wes Mullins, CEO and publisher of The Observer News, gather for a photo at their office in Ruskin.

“Our pricing is fair and very competitive,” said co-owner David Payne, COO, vice president and in charge of production. “We are highly customer friendly, and our customer satisfaction is outstanding.”

But you don’t have to take his word for it.

Debbie Caneen, director of admissions for Sun Towers, cannot say enough about M&M Printing and its owners.

“Their services are unparalleled in the industry,” she said. “They always go above and beyond. They’re the absolute best.”

Caneen said, “M&M and its staff help design and print Sun Towers’ marketing collateral at the drop of a hat. They also fill the printing needs for the Southshore Coalition for Mental Health & Aging.

“We truly look at them as business partners,” she said.

Payne and Mullins share ownership with Mullins’ wife, Karina, M&M’s president and its administrator. She joined the company the year after the two men acquired the company from Mickey and Priscilla Mixon in 2015.

Like the Mixons, all three owners have kept M&M Printing very much a family operation.

“To me, M&M Printing is both a family and a family-owned business,” Mullins said. “We maintain that kind of environment and have kept our family together.

“Our goal is to continue growing as a community printing organization as the demand increases in the area,” he added. “We strive to stay on top of technology to give the community the best quality products and services possible.”

Veteran pressman Eric Condie checks the quality of a copy of The Observer News as it comes off the press. M&M Printing is best known for printing the paper, the only family-owned and locally based newspaper in all of South Shore.

Indeed. Since he and Payne purchased the company two years ago, they’ve upgraded all equipment; added additional color units to the presses to double color capacity; added a new digital printer, which doubled the company’s capacity to produce products like brochures and newsletters; added an envelope printer; and purchased the wide-format scanner.

“Due to technology, we’ve been able to keep our staffing the same and produce more,” Payne said.

M&M Printing employs 16 full time and two part-time employees and provides jobs for 23 independent contractors and four or five freelance writers.

The M&M Printing operation is at 210 Woodland Estates Ave., Ruskin. For free quotes on printing, call 813-645-4048. For more information on the company’s products and services, visit or call 813-645-3111.