Chamber View

Published on: May 17, 2017

How lucky we are to have St. Joseph South in our community


Executive Director, Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce

This past Friday, my husband Bill had a scheduled routine medical procedure done at St. Joseph’s Hospital South on Big Bend Road in Riverview. We arrived at the hospital barely on time and didn’t want to be late for check-in, so we decided to use the valet service.

We pulled up to the covered main entrance and were promptly greeted by a gentleman with a friendly smile who directed us to the entrance doors.

Once we entered the large open lobby, which looks more like a hotel than a hospital, we were greeted with another friendly smile from behind the welcome desk. We received our IDs, received our official badges and were escorted to the second floor.

Let me clarify, the lady at the welcome desk actually took the time to walk us to the elevator, rode it with us to the second floor, and then proceeded to show us where to get a cup of coffee, the location of the restrooms, where we could charge our cell phones if needed and where to wait. This extra touch wasn’t expected.

After having just enough time to get a hot cup of coffee, my husband’s name was called. It was time to complete the necessary paperwork at registration, where we were greeted with another warm, friendly smile. Before we had a chance to sit down, the registration clerk sanitized the pen my husband needed to touch so he could sign electronically. Again, it was another unexpected but totally appreciated touch.

After we finished registering, we returned to the waiting area, where we noticed the beautiful art hanging on the walls. In the area where we were seated, there were four large photos of local wildlife and beaches. We could look from the second floor onto the first-floor lobby entrance. That is when we noticed a large cross and many green plants. We had missed these when we initially walked in.

It was obvious the folks who decorated these spaces were seeking to soothe and provide peaceful touches.

Each step of our journey that morning was full of simple, unexpected touches. I understand that not everyone might have such a great experience as ours, but I suspect that most do.

We have all have experienced a bad day at one time or another. If any of the St. Joseph South team members we encountered on Friday were having a bad day, we certainly couldn’t tell. These folks were focused on the moment and did so with warmth and care.

What we experienced that day went well above and beyond our expectations. All I could think of was how blessed our community is to have such a quality facility, and what a great job they do, especially in encouraging their employees to take the time to care.

Wherever you may be, take a moment to notice when folks go a step further to make you feel comfortable, and then express your appreciation of their efforts. We surely did.