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Published on: April 27, 2017

Are you a good customer?


Executive Director, Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce

One of the many life lessons I have learned from being the executive director of the Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce is the dedication business owners have for their customers and community.

What many folks don’t understand or realize is that these business owners want you as a consistent customer and are diligently working to provide quality products and services to the best of their abilities. They aren’t perfect, but they do care and want to improve to serve you well.

Are you a good customer? Remember, it’s important to provide truthful feedback and recommendations for the business’s improvement. This can be done in a helpful, kind manner. Just think about it. Your input may make the difference as to whether that business succeeds or not.

If the business requests you to take a survey, take the time to complete it, giving some serious thought to your answers. Always be honest. If the survey requests your comments, don’t be afraid to share your thoughts or experience. When possible, share both the good and the bad. This will help direct the owner to make needed improvements and possibly set future goals to improve his or her business practices.

If you receive excellent service, be sure to let the owner or manager know by asking to speak with them directly. While face-to-face compliments and complaints may not be comfortable for you, you can always follow up with a phone call or a good old-fashioned letter or an e-mail.

Remember that when you put thoughts on social media, it’s a public arena. It’s important to consider the long-lasting impact your comments may have. Rather than simply scolding, try providing a solution.

The chamber encourages people who live and work here to intentionally spend their money locally. It’s so important to support our local businesses. Keep in mind there are hard-working owners behind every one of these businesses, someone who works long hours to serve their customers well. These people live and work in Riverview and are our friends and neighbors. In every way, they’re part of the community. Our support is what keeps them open.

The Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce office is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is conveniently located in the Boardwalk of Riverview office complex at 10012 Water Works Lane, Riverview. We’re open to the public and welcome visitors.

For more information about the chamber, “like” and “follow” TheRiverviewChamber Facebook page, visit us online at, e-mail, or call 813-234-5944.

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