New church in Apollo Beach

Published on: February 8, 2017

SeaGlass Church in Apollo Beach seeks to

find, free and fulfill

SeaGlass Church Pastor David Oates, left, with his family, Kimberly, Matthew, Mary, Luke and John.

The earth’s shorelines conceal  beautiful treasures known as sea glass. Glass items, such as bottles and jars, have been discarded into waterways around the world for many years. The term sea glass is given to the fractured, broken pieces that have since become smooth and polished by salt and sand. The final result is a colorful, smooth, beautiful piece of glass. Artists find the pieces and free them from the muck, then place the pieces as ornaments in beautiful mosaics and jewelry.

What was once worthless has now become priceless — this is a picture of what Jesus Christ wants to do for the world.

SeaGlass Church sees value in the broken and misplaced. The church, under the leadership of Pastor David Oates, is welcoming worshippers every Sunday at 10 a.m. in Apollo Beach.

The mission of the newly formed church is to find the lost, free the bound and fulfill the thirsty — much like the artist who scours the shoreline looking for sea glass to create a beautiful mosaic.

SeaGlass is a church that loves Jesus, pursues God every day, believes that God is who He says He is, wants to form relationships and do life together and wants to see people freed from their past and discover their God-given gifts.

Join the congregation on Sundays at 10 a.m.  at 202 Flamingo Drive in Apollo Beach (one block west of U.S. 41). Nursery and children’s programs for all ages are available during the service.

Future plans include men’s and women’s ministries, small groups, youth programs, missions and more. Everyone is welcome.

For more information, call 813-938-5826, or e-mail A website is currently under construction at Everyone matters.

SeaGlass Church. The lost found. The bound freed. The thirsty fulfilled.