KP golf courses reopen

Published on: February 1, 2017

Closed golf courses, clubhouse now available to Kings Point residents


The 9,000 residents of Kings Point can now legally use the two closed golf courses —Falcon Watch and KP Executive Course—for non-golf activities, i.e., walking, running, etc. The 200 acres and the 3,800-square-foot former Falcon Watch Clubhouse are included in a 10-year lease with ClubLink for an annual fee of $36,000 with annual increases based on the consumer price index.

This Falcon Watch Clubhouse will be Kings Point’s fourth facility for meetings and social activities. The clubhouse was shuttered last year when the18-hole golf course closed July 1. A lease agreement with ClubLink puts the course acreage and Falcon Watch Clubhouse in the hands of Kings Point management. The acreage of the 18-hole Kings Point Executive Course that closed June 1, 2015, is also included in the lease agreement.

The Kings Point Sun City Center West Master Association President Jim Haggerty said that the two governing organizations of Kings Point, the SCCW Master Association and the Federation of Kings Point Association had worked together on plans to acquire the golf course properties. The master association will maintain and manage the use of the land and lakes, and the federation will operate the Falcon Watch Clubhouse as part of the recreational facilities of the community. He said the closed courses will be mowed to a 3-inch level, which is a higher standard than county requirements.

This lease enables residents and guests to use the property within the rules of the Kings Point Sun City Center West Master Association. The master association holds title to all property in KP not owned by individual associations, ClubLink or Kings Point Sun City West Land Trust. (Note: The association is so named because at one time, Kings Point was named Sun City Center West.)

“ClubLink’s management team understood our concerns and was very cooperative with us as we jointly created a lease agreement with terms that worked for all parties,” said Haggerty. “Hundreds of golf courses are closing across the country every year, creating problems for property values in communities like ours when allowed to fall into disuse. Kings Point is being proactive in protecting our property values while also adding new amenity options as resident needs are identified. All related costs for ongoing use and maintenance of the land and clubhouse are built into community budgets going forward.”

“Kings Point already has three major clubhouses for recreational use by residents. The Falcon Watch Clubhouse will enable us to expand our amenities even further, providing residents with additional space for social gatherings and activities,” added Liz Argott, president of the Federation of Kings Point Associations. “Golf remains an important amenity in Kings Point and the federation looks forward to working with ClubLink on golfing activities and events in the community.” Kings Point now has one 27-hole golf course and a driving range, Scepter Golf Club, operated out of the Scepter Clubhouse.

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