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Senior basketball comes to SCC

Published on: May 4, 2016


Basketball Club officers, from left, President Bob Monahan (66); Vice President Joe Vladyka (77); and Treasurer Ed Veronick (56). Not pictured: Secretary Phil Coates. Bill Hodges photo.

Basketball Club officers, from left, President Bob Monahan (66); Vice President Joe Vladyka (77); and Treasurer Ed Veronick (56). Not pictured: Secretary Phil Coates. Bill Hodges photo.

Sun City Center is continuing to move forward. The newest Community Association club is basketball — approved in April.

SCC is indeed a community adapting to the changing attitudes of today’s seniors. Back in the ’60s when Del Webb started promoting an active senior lifestyle, most people were at least retirement age and not nearly as interested in physical activities that challenged them.

Today, many are retiring earlier or moving to a senior community but still working — and everyone is much more aware of the importance of physical fitness. Just browse the CA club list (all 139 of them!) and you’ll find practically every kind of activity. Yes, lawn bowling and shuffleboard — popular in the ’60s — are still there, but you will also find clubs for kayaking, running, Latin fitness and softball.

Now that they are an official CA club with about 30 members (including some women), the club’s challenge is finding a place to play in Sun City Center.

“A goal on the 30 by 50 tennis practice court at the CA Sports Complex, South Campus, is in an excellent location and the tennis players are being very gracious about sharing it, but there are some problems,” said Bob Monahan, club president.

The club wants the goal moved to the other side of the court because it is now on the fence, which they believe to be unsafe. Also, since the court is available only from 3 p.m. to dusk, a player is facing the sun while shooting. They have presented a proposal to the CA for moving the goal, resurfacing the court with a nonslip material, and other improvements.

The SCC team is rather unique in that, according to Monahan’s search, there are no other senior teams in eastern Hillsborough County.

When he looked for a suitable place to “shoot hoops” last year, he found the Ruskin Recreation Center to be the only place around. He and others he found to join him are now playing in the Ruskin gym. They are facing a seasonal issue, however; the center has Kids Camp in June, July and August, which closes the gym to seniors. They will be playing in the gym on Mondays from 9 to 11:15 a.m. through May, then they will use the outside court and times may change.

The club officers recognize that some seniors would like to play but are hesitant because of physical limitations or perceived skill level.

“We just want to give people a place to come and enjoy themselves and not feel foolish,” said Monahan. “We want friendly players and will watch for anyone who gets too serious or aggressive. Our club policy is to be nice and have fun.”

The club is playing Level 1; that’s mostly pickup three-on-three games.

The club invites anyone, regardless of how well they can play, to lace up their sneakers and try bouncing the ball around for a fun time and a good workout.

Call Monahan at 401-527-1718 for more information.