letters to the Editor: December 10, 2015

Published on: December 9, 2015

Dear Editor,

I’m scratching my head regarding our recent election. Last year, SCC overwhelmingly elected board members that pledged our community remain debt free. This year, a mere 15% of us voted, and we voted in at least one new board member who feels debt is no problem. We did not re-elect the only board member who pledged we remain debt free. Were we asleep during this election; only believing the letter writer who lied about another “debt-free” candidate?

I worry about SCC. Our board holds great influence over our future. I’ve lived in communities where debt was incurred, maintenance fees ballooned and assessments levied. That’s not what I want. Is that what you want?

How can one person lie, and influence so many? This does not bode well for us.

Phyllis Laufer
Sun City Center


Dear Editor,

It is our great honor and privilege to serve the residents of Sun City Center as we have for the past 50+ years. The Sun City Center Emergency Squad is however, the last of its kind in Florida – an all volunteer rescue service. No other senior community has anything like us. The Villages have sent representatives to visit us on several occasions to try to duplicate what we have here. But it can’t be done overnight — we have grown and developed over the past 51 years due to a community that has provided both financial and human resources. We have been fortunate to have the support and appreciation of our residents.

However, the past year we have seen our human resources strained to the point where many days, we can only run one ambulance unit all day long. It wasn’t that long ago that we had enough ambulance volunteers to run 3 units during the day and one overnight. For the past several years we have had to drop to two ambulances during the day and one overnight. This past year, there have been many days where we can only staff one ambulance for the entire 24 hour period. We are once again in this situation where there will be many days this winter, when we can only staff one ambulance all day long.

We have stepped up our recruiting efforts, found new ways to schedule our ambulance crews and have worked many hours trying to find a way to continue the level of service we have provided in the past. We have been successful in recruiting our non-ambulance volunteers and we thank all of our newest recruits for stepping up, but our critical need is for volunteers who are willing to assist with hands-on patient care. Without these volunteers, the long-term viability of the Emergency Squad is in question.

We have a unique and amazing organization — not owned by anyone, but heavily invested in by everyone. Our volunteers are committed to helping their neighbors. Our residents count on us to be there for them. Our donors know that every penny they give, goes 100% to the operations of our service. Our value to the community is such that numbers can’t be applied.

We love what we do, but with the limited number of “patient-care” volunteers, our corps ambulance volunteers are wearing out. We ask our community, please consider learning more about our ambulance and van services. Patient care is a true joy and satisfaction to those of us that provide the hands-on care, but we can’t do it alone.

Robin Watt
Assistant Chief, Communications
SCC Emergency Squad