Letters to the Editor: December 3, 2015

Published on: December 2, 2015

Dear Editor,

Re: Positive Talk by William Hodges

He did it again! He made me smile and give thanks for his uncanny way of knowing just what it is I need to read today. Each week, I look forward to his words of encouragement apparently just meant for me.

William Hodges is your gift to us, the retired of Sun City Center. And I suspect there are hundreds of other folks in neighboring communities who echo my words. How blessed we are to be the recipients of his wisdom, sensitivity and intuitive knowledge of what we need to hear to lift us up and look forward to another day of hopefully paying forward that which he imparts to us. You can be proud of your decision to provide him with space to “speak” to us each week in his special “tongue.”

Please convey to him my appreciation of his sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings to help me face a new day knowing that at least someone out there knows what I need to hear to make life the great and wonderful adventure that it is.

Camellia A. McGary
Sun City Center

Dear Editor,

Open Letter to Bubbaques

On behalf of all the veterans in the area, I wish to express appreciation for the free Barbecue Sandwich and fries on Veterans Day. I truly enjoyed mine, and we are grateful for this recognition. We are thankful to have your location in the Sun City Center area, and wish you all the success!

George Nauck
Sun City Center