Letters to the Editor: November 26, 2015

Published on: November 24, 2015

Dear Editor,

Mr. Ed Barnes (Past Sun City Center CA President) misrepresented statements in a recent letter to the editor regarding Lynn Mooney. I am offering the following facts:

I clearly explained, while answering a question, that FishHawk Ranch has chosen to do something different. “Blended community” is a real estate term of art and simply because I have the education and experience to use a term properly does not mean that I am advocating for our fantastic community to follow in the footsteps of another community because I used that term in response to a question.

Mr. Barnes purposely misrepresented my statements in order to influence the election (Ed Barnes: [Do we want to put] “personal gain over the best interest of our community?”).

Therefore, I believe he has chosen to misrepresent my words in a manner which would benefit his candidate of choice. Mr. Barnes has clearly misrepresented my statements about what was said at “candidates’ night.”

To be clear, view the video for yourself at www.tinyurl.com/bestforsuncity, which will clearly show you exactly what was stated.

“Q: In the newspaper, you were quoted as saying, using the term “blended lifestyle.” What is a blended lifestyle?

A: That is a real estate term and the best way to clarify it, and I’ll make it by an example, like FishHawk, which is one of the communities up the street here. What FishHawk has decided to do, and what they have under construction now, they have a blended community. Part of the community is going to be 55+, and if you’ve ever been there FishHawk is huge, kind of like a car dealer – HUGE, but they’re going to have a section in there for 55+. Therefore, if, say, I have a son or daughter, whatever, who comes down to this area but they are not 55+, so therefore the family could be in the same community, it’s just different subdivisions. And of course they have all the shopping, parks, and recreation, etc., but that’s a blended community.”

In his letter, Mr. Barnes stated that I “expressed support to radically change Sun City Center’s basic fabric to a blended community.” He went on to say that I “indicated that Sun City Center should be split into two areas – one for people 55 years and older, and the other for people with no age restrictions, including school age children.”

As it is obvious from the above transcript, I did not express support to radically  change Sun City Center, I simply answered a question. In my response, I did not specifically mention Sun City Center, and I did not advocate splitting Sun City Center into two areas.

What is Ed Barnes’ motive in discrediting me, Lynn Mooney, a candidate for the Sun City Center Board of Directors, with published inaccuracies?

Lynn Mooney
Candidate for Director
Sun City Center CA


Dear Editor,

Many people who reside in Sun City Center are unaware or confused by the age requirement to live here.

The Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA) requires that at least 80 percent of occupied units must be occupied by at least one person 55 or older. The remaining 20 percent of the units may be occupied by persons under 55.

Earlier this year, when I went to the Sun City Center Community Association (SCCCA), I found out that Sun City Center as a whole is well below the 20 percent margin (noting that persons under 18 are not allowed to permanently reside in SCC).

As a Realtor in Sun City Center, it is my responsibility to follow federal housing guidelines regardless if residents or the community association of SCC like them or not. The Fair Housing Act protects people from discrimination when they are renting, buying, or securing financing for any housing.

If you feel that you have been discriminated against, please contact the U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).

Denise Anderson
Sun City Center



Dear Editor,

Ed Barnes’ smear campaign, trying to discredit Lynn Mooney, is despicable. He combined two unrelated statements: Lynn’s innocuous reference to diverse communities, and “things” that other Realtors are doing.

Lynn has lived in SCC maybe longer than Ed Barnes, respects and embraces our way of life here, and had never made a reference to changing SCC, only making it better.

I hope SCC residents understand that Ed Barnes’ public comment is an  attempt to discredit an extremely qualified board candidate. I believe Lynn should get a public apology from Barnes.

Phyllis Laufer
Sun City Center