Letter to the Editor: October 29, 2015

Published on: October 28, 2015

Dear Editor:

I was impressed that Penny Fletcher researched, and The Observer News was courageous enough to print, information about the traffic and infrastructure morass caused by uncontrolled urban sprawl. Thank You!

I have been trying as a mere citizen for over 15 years to address the issue. All I ever got was condescending doublespeak from low-level bureaucrats that boiled down to “We don’t do anything in advance, we wait until there is a major problem then we fix it.”

As we all know, the cost of building a road, or anything else, after the area is fully developed is ten times what it would cost in undeveloped areas.

I have sent letters to the editor to the local daily newspaper and never got a response. Nothing on the subject has ever been published in the major newspapers.

Please keep punching. The traffic disasters will only get worse.

Norman Johnson
Apollo Beach resident since 1986