The pictures tell the story

Published on: August 26, 2015

Stock photo. Not a contest entry.

Stock photo. Not a contest entry.

If you haven’t entered Sun City Center’s August photo contest yet, there’s still time.  Two weeks remain to submit photos before August entries are closed.

The photo theme for August is “People Who Need People.” It focuses on photos of community members volunteering in Sun City Center. These can include more than just the best-known support groups such as the Emergency Squad, the Security Patrol, the Samaritans and the Information Center.

Think, for example, of those volunteers who prepare food at community-wide breakfasts or are monitors in clubs who instruct members how to accomplish their tasks more safely and efficiently.

And then there’s the Community Emergency Response Team, the Computer Club, the Tax Aid people and many other groups.

Community Association Board Member Ed Feder, said, “Here’s your chance to show off your amazing photos of life in Sun City Center and earn some cash along the way.”

The August winner will receive a prize of $100, and any other photos used on the new Sun City Center website now being built will receive $25.

Remember, you can submit up to five photos each month.

The contest is very easy to enter. Submissions should be emailed to For full details, visit