Letter to the Editor: April 9, 2015

Published on: April 7, 2015

It takes two

Dear Editor,

I am writing this to give two people recognition for making a difference in our Kings Point community.

Just two people have brought many seniors literally “to their feet” to the tune of line dance lessons (D.J. Service, Lip Sync Directing) designing programs, running New Year’s dances, and putting together an elegant night to remember by organizing and preparing for the Good Samaritan Dance, which involved months of planning, decorations, entry and stage props, programs, menus, etc.

These two people have sacrificed most of their garage where they built custom cupboards and shelves to store DJ equipment, decorations, favors, table settings, programs and more. They parked their car in the driveway so they could accommodate all the supplies necessary for many occasions.

Thank you, Larry and Darlene Meadows, for helping to make our lifestyle here in Kings Point a fun and happy place to live.

A Happy Resident