New foundation to provide funds for SCC clubs, associations, groups

Published on: January 7, 2015

SCC-Minto-signA new nonprofit organization, led by Sun City Center residents, has been established to provide charitable funds for improving the quality of life for Sun City Center area residents.

The announcement of the establishment of the Sun City Charitable Foundation Inc. was made by Walt Cawein, former president of the SCC Community Association and retired Air Force lieutenant colonel.  The new organization is a Florida-based 501(c)3 charitable corporation and is designed “to improve the lives of our  senior citizens by creating public awareness, developing resources and supporting initiatives that address local needs,” Cawein said.

Cawein added: “Our vision is to provide a link between those with philanthropic resources and those who are at risk and need help. We are designed to mobilize individuals to be a permanent resource and to be active partners in building a better community — now and in the future.”

The purpose of the new foundation, Cawein said, “is to provide funds that can be used for projects that will enhance Sun City Center clubs, associations, groups and causes.  It is founded and managed by SCC residents and will be used for causes in and around SCC.”

Tax-deductible contributions or bequests will be distributed to IRS-approved 501(c)3 organi-zations to improve the quality and enjoyment of life for seniors living in Sun City Center.  The new corporation has a website at

Officers and directors of the new foundation include three past CA presidents: Walt Cawein (as president), Ed Barnes (as vice president) and Paul Wheat (as secretary).  Other directors are Connie Lesko, Martha McTeague, Tom Ritenour, Sam Sudman and Dallas Tuthill MD.

Cawein said the foundation has established a number of funds thus far, with more coming. On line now are:  The Legacy Fund, to provide funds that can be used for various projects for bequests that will enhance CA amenities; the Ewing Smith Beautification Fund, to enhance the Greater Sun City area with various types of vegetation on HOA common properties, park areas and private properties that are in a state of disarray; and the Donor Direct Fund, for donor-specific designation.

“This is going to be a vital resource for the community,” Cawein said.  “Not only will it help meet needs, all contributions will be tax-deductible because of [the foundation’s] tax-free status.