Letters to the editor: November 6, 2014

Published on: November 4, 2014

Dear Editor:

On October 28, SunTowers hosted a very informative educational program on the Alzheimer’s Wristband Bracelet program at the South Community Hall. The program was well attended by the local community, the Security Patrol, CERT and the Emergency Squad. Many other local groups also had attendees.

The program was particularly helpful for the first responders in the community. Being able to appropriately identify, address, assess and evaluate the needs of someone who may be entering the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s is increasingly important in any senior community. The information provided was relevant and timely.

I want to commend the Gulf Coast Alzheimer’s Association and particularly Debbie Caneen, Director of Business Development, SunTowers, for their efforts for bringing the program to the community. It was well worth the time.

Robin Watt
Asst. Chief, Communications
SCC Emergency Squad


Dear Editor,

In her letter to the editor  [October 15, 2014 edition], Rabbi Carla is mistaken on a number of points regarding Messianic Jews.  On the question of who is a Jew, the Rabbis have numerous opinions.  Hers is simply one opinion, which, by the way, is increasingly becoming less and less popular within Judaism. I have personally met Orthodox Rabbis who acknowledge that  Jewish people who believe in Jesus as the promised Messiah of Israel are still Jews.  The strong resistance of Rabbinic or Traditional Judaism to Biblical or Messianic Judaism is centered primarily around one basic question, “Is Jesus (Yeshua is His Hebrew name) the  promised Messiah of Israel?” Messianic Jews affirm that He is while at the same time maintaining and often growing stronger in their practice of their Jewish culture and traditions.  This is no contradiction.  After all Jesus and all of His first followers were very much Jewish and were recognized so by the greater Jewish community of their day.  Is Jesus the promised Messiah of Israel?  I would invite Rabbi Carla to let us have a discussion about it based on the Hebrew Scriptures.

Rabbi Ed Marvin
Shoresh David Messianic Synagogue of Wesley Chapel