Letters: July 31, 2013

Published on: August 7, 2014

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to the adverse publicity that the Veterans Administration [sic] has been getting lately in the media.

Last month I spent 11 days in the James A. Haley VA Hospital in Tampa. I was bleeding and had lost a lot of blood. They were unable to determine where the bleeding originated, but spent many hours and days trying to find the cause. They did determine that I had a blood clot in my leg and spent two hours of minor surgery putting a filter in my vein so that the clot would not travel to my lungs.

There were six operating personnel doing this procedure; I don’t know how many were doctors. I also received five blood transfusions during my stay in the hospital.

I am 89 years old and a veteran of World War II. I would think that because of my age, the personnel at the VA Hospital would reason that since I will be dying soon anyway, why waste the time and money to cure my current illness, but I couldn’t ask for better treatment than I was given.

David J. Houck
Freedom Plaza, Sun City Center

Dear Editor,

Last Friday we learned firsthand how extremely fortunate the residents of Sun City Center and Kings Point are to live in an area where the Emergency Squad’s exceptional services are provided.

Brenda suddenly collapsed and was in a state of sweating, nauseated trauma. Jerome called the Emergency Squad and within a few minutes three of their very well trained, dedicated volunteers arrived at our house. Those men’s training, professionalism and equipment exceeded our highest expectations.

They transported Brenda to the South Bay Hospital, where her condition was diagnosed and treated. Two days later she was released to return home.

While we hope that no one ever needs the assistance of the Emergency Squad, the fact remains that bad stuff happens to people in our age group. As such, all of us are lucky to have the staff of the Emergency Squad willing to volunteer their time and energy for the benefit of their fellow citizens.

Jerome and Brenda Levy
Sun City Center