Local company helps rescue horses from slaughterhouse

Published on: July 18, 2013

A $1,900 donation from Brandon’s Talk Fusion helped rescue these horses from the slaughterhouse. Florida Dog & Animal Rescue PHOTO

A $1,900 donation from Brandon’s Talk Fusion helped rescue these horses from the slaughterhouse. Florida Dog & Animal Rescue PHOTO


A Brandon company has helped rescue five horses that otherwise might have been euthanized.

A $1,900 donation from Talk Fusion, a global video communication company headquartered on Kingsway Road, to Florida Dog & Animal Rescue helped the organization to give five horses — Dreamer, Cyrus, Expressions, Scarr and Brass Indian — the transportation, food and care they needed to survive.

Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina made the donation after he heard the animals would be sent to the slaughterhouse if no one stepped forward to take on the expense and responsibility of ownership of the horses.

“Talk Fusion is proud to have been able to help these graceful, intelligent creatures find a safe and loving home,” Reina said.

“It is all part of the company’s commitment to speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves,” continued Allison Roberts, Talk Fusion VP of Training & Development.

Based in St. Petersburg, FDARescue provides unwanted, neglected and abused dogs and horses with love, food, shelter and appropriate medical attention.

The nonprofit’s rescues usually come from owners, sheriff’s departments and animal control. The organization attempts to find loving, adoptive homes for each of their rescues.

“The donation saved the horses from a slaughterhouse so we are extremely grateful to Bob and his company,” said Carmine Brower, who founded FDARescue in April. “Bob also gave us $3,500 earlier this year, which all went to the care of one dog that needed care at a vet.”

Brower, a St. Pete resident, grew up around animals with as many as 13 foster dogs in her home at one time. Her mom started a pet rescue organization in 1982 that cared for local animals from all over Tampa Bay until her death in 1989. A growing young family meant her daughter couldn’t pick up the reins until this year.

“We are really looking for donations because everything is now coming out of our pockets,” said Brower, who wrote a check for $200 last week for the care of one dog. “We are looking to buy a property in the Bay area but it will take some money.”

For now, Brower is sheltering three dogs at her home while her friend Krista Morio has two dogs and seven horses at her Brandon home. Kate Carr, another member of the group, has two foster dogs at her Clearwater home.

Earlier this year, the Talk Fusion donated $76,000 to the Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

“We were sincerely moved by the generosity of these charitable contributions,” said Sean Hawkins, the SPCA’s Florida CEO, who said the donation will help the group’s plan to enhance its existing trap, neuter and release program to help control the area’s feral cat population.

The money is being used to buy a new feral cat transport van and build a feral cat patio at the SPCA’s headquarters in Tampa.

“The associates and corporate team at Talk Fusion are proud of their commitment to giving back,” Reina said. “The outpouring of support in raising such a substantial amount in such a short time serves as inspiring proof of Talk Fusion’s dedication to helping others.”

Founded in 2007, Talk Fusion provides personal and business video communication products marketed in more than 100 countries. The company has also donated to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Brandon area youth baseball as well as programs for at-risk youth.

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