SCC Photo Club announces winners of September competition

Published on: September 27, 2012

Dawn in Venice by Elinor Lennox

Dawn in Venice by Elinor Lennox

Winners have been announced in the September competition of the Sun City Center Photo Club. Five perfect scores were awarded. Kathy Griffith received a 15 for Hawaiian Protea; Elinor Lennox received her perfect score for Dawn in Venice; Robert Price received the perfect score for After the Fire; George Seeley received his perfect score for Lipizzan Stallion; and Patt Sulzberger received the perfect score for Lunch on the Veldt.

The contest was judged by professional photographer Chuck Stevenson.

In the Beginner category, Shirley Bengston won a gold award for Atlantic Morning Sunrise. Erica Collins received a silver for Vibrant Chihuly Design. Andre Ledoux won a gold for Reaching Higher and silver awards for But, Ma!, Stormy Skies and He’s Mine! Elinor Lenonox received a gold award and perfect score for Dawn in Venice and a silver for Millau Bridge. Sue McBride received gold awards for  Beach Boys, Gimme Shelter and Home Alone. Robert Price received a gold award with a perfect score for After the Fire. He also received a gold for Jetting Over Japan and a silver for Rainman. Rod Rodriguez won a bronze for Roger Williams Park Merry-go-round and a silver award for Under the Chicago Bean.

In the Intermediate category, Kathy Griffith won golds for Hawaiian Protea (perfect score), Old Church Steeple and Alaskan Twilight. Pat Jones received a silver for Rock Bed Butterfly and bronze awards for Old Country Barn and Mystic Berries. Roger Kele received silver awards for Break Time and Grass Island, and a bronze for Shelter at Lake Powell. Beverly Shackelford won a gold for Santa Maria de Tallo, silver awards for  Monserrat Mountains and Alcazar, and a bronze for Lettuce Lake Bog. Ron Shackelford won golds for Balancing Act and Mother’s Wall of Life Shrine, and silver awards for Watching Over Parliament and Night Heron. Kathy Vitale received silver awards for Jordanian Bedouin Family and Florida Jurassic Park, and a gold for Mmm! Good!

In the Advanced category, Wayne Bengston received a gold for Coming Home and bronze awards for And Down We Go and Jenny Lake Reflections at Tetons. Gayle Fischer received a silver for Manatee in the Shadows. Bill Leasy won a silver award for Skydiver at Moonlight and a gold award for Upper Creek-Sun City Center. Stan Lipski received a gold for Harbor Beacon and silvers for Monaco Port, Waiting for the Train and Swimming By the Wall. Allan Maser won silvers for Street Caricaturists, Las Roblis, Barcelona and Pigeon Man,and a bronze for Edgartown Harbor, Martha’s Vineyard, MA. Club president George Seeley received a gold for Lippizzan Stallion (perfect score) and a silver for Ah, Breakfast. Rose Stack received a bronze for Hand Made Sweaters. Marianne Strehar won a silver for Azores Fireboat at Sunset and a bronze for Valencia City of Arts and Sciences. Patt Sulzberger  received golds for The Eyes Have It and Lunch on the Veldt (perfect score), and a bronze for Samburu Children. Rolf Sulzberger won a gold award for Red Beard and bronze awards for The Children’s Table and War’s Aftermath.

For more information on the club and its activities, please go to its website at or visit the learning lab at 960D Cherry Hills Drive.

Hawaiian Protea by Kathy Griffith

Lippizzan Stallion by George Seeley


Lunch on the Veldt by Patt Sulzberger










After the Fire by Robert Price