Psychic ability: not just for side shows anymore

Published on: November 17, 2011

Carol Ann Liaros

Carol Ann Liaros


SUN CITY CENTER- She’s appeared on television shows, been used in an eight-year research project, helped blind people to live independent lives, and even done a telepathy experiment with an astronaut while he was on the moon.

Skeptical? Plenty.

Until you see the material to back up her claims.

Carol Ann Liaros doesn’t believe she’s any different from other people even though she can often “see” things before they happen, send telepathic messages, and even do healing work with people in the medical profession helping blind persons learn to live independently.

“Psychic? Isn’t everyone?” she asked. “Everyone is capable of developing what some call extra sensory abilities, including precognition.”

After attending a seminar in 1966 and being told she had the ability to use her brain in a different way than many, she began to have daily experiences that proved the person who told her that was right.

Shortly after that, Liaros took part in an eight-year study on psychic research at the Human Dimension Institute at Rosary College in Buffalo New York (now a part of Daeman College in Amherst N.Y.) and later conducted seminars at Niagara Community College and State University in Buffalo.

“So much misinformation has been published and spread about extra sensory perception,” Liaros said. “Practical application of psychic sensitivity adds a new dimension to someone’s life.”

But while some psychics are busy talking about the future, Liaros has used her talents to work with the blind, the sick, and members of the medical profession.

People from all walks of life have enrolled in her seminars and classes. But the blind have especially benefited.

In a project she calls “Blind Awareness,” she works with blind persons showing how to distinguish color and other details using intuition.

“There have been remarkable strides made in fields like parapsychology,” Liaros said. “What used to be thought of as superstition is in many cases now a part of science.”

Her Blind Awareness project is a combination of “aura viewing” and dermo-optics (seeing with the skin). The scientific community now calls “auras” “bio-plasmic fields,” and has deemed them energy- and definitely fact. Some religious traditions have portrayed pictures of this energy as halos around the head.

Liaros career working with doctors and others in the healing professions began during a talk she was giving in 1971 when one of her students was highly accurate in diagnosing the illnesses of volunteers.

After the seminar was over, she was told the man was totally blind.

This information is backed up by accounts in reports and articles in publications of The Creative Community Institute in Buffalo, N.Y. (dated 1971) and State University’s publication dated March 2, 1978.