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Downsizing through hypnotizing?

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image Sarah Baker takes part in a demonstration where she allows herself to be hypnotized by Rena Greenberg to show how weight loss can be achieved through placing suggestions in a person’s subconscious.

Using hypnosis, Greenberg has been conducting weight-loss seminars that have been reviewed and sponsored in more than 75 hospitals since 1990.


Rena Greenberg, who has been featured in the national media for her success in bringing remarkable results to the overweight, is bringing her weight-loss seminar to Sun City Center.

Her Wellness Seminar for Weight Control will be held at and sponsored by Sun City Center Integrative Medicine on Thursday, April 17. She uses her training in biopsychology and biofeedback techniques with hypnosis to bypass the conscious state and plant more positive suggestions in the subconscious.

Greenberg earned her first degree in biopsychology, but took certifications as a biofeedback therapist. Biofeedback helps you harness the power of your mind so you can gain control over your health. Though researchers can’t tell you how biofeedback works, they do know that it promotes relaxation and eases stress, so that this kind of therapy can prevent or treat conditions like migraines, chronic pain, high blood pressure  or weight loss.

Using hypnosis, these positive changes can override our conscious behavior, according to Greenberg, change obstacles to weight control, including bad habits and childhood responses to eating, and change our inner voices to more positive ones.

“We want to change our value system and feel better about not eating,” Greenberg explains. “We are actually taking our power back.”

As Greenberg demonstrated how she uses hypnosis, she explained what a natural state it is.

“We naturally pass through the state of hypnosis during the course of a day,” Greenberg says. “Hypnosis is a very natural state.”

She suggested to those taking part in a demonstration last week that they get comfortable. They would go into a heightened state of consciousness, she said, and would not lose consciousness. Everyone was asked to close their eyes and relax, while she counted to three slowly.

“You will go into a state of peacefulness,” Greenberg told everyone. “Imagine every time you breathe, you are in a wave of peace. The ocean of peace is to the right and the left of you, connecting you to a life force that is all around you.”

Her success stories are reported to be in the thousands, and many of these stories have been featured on ABC-TV Nightline, CBS-TV, FOX-TV, NBC-TV, The Tampa Tribune, The Tampa Bay Times and Woman’s World.

Using hypnosis, Greenberg has been conducting weight-loss seminars that have been reviewed and sponsored in more than 75 hospitals since 1990.

According to Greenberg, a woman approached her years after taking Greenberg’s seminar to quit smoking. Something Greenberg implanted in her session changed her whole life. This woman not only quit smoking but also improved her marriage relationship and other aspects of her life.

Dr. Chaker Dahan is the internist at SCC Integrative Medicine, supported by nurse practitioner Jami Lewis, says owner Jim Dazet. Barry Greenberg and Anne Dazet are the acupuncture physicians at the clinic. Barry Greenberg was the first acupuncturist to practice in Florida. He was a 1989 graduate of New York’s Tri-State Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Pain Clinic in Boston, and moved to Florida in 1990.

SCC Integrative Medicine is located at 3040 E. College Avenue in the Big Lots Plaza. They are sponsoring the Wellness Seminar for Weight Control from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 17. The first 45 minutes is a free orientation. If participants feel comfortable with the program, they pay a one-time fee of $79.99.

This fee includes two hypnosis sessions plus an upgraded behavior-modification booklet, home-reinforcement hypnosis CD, an eight-week online course: “Transform Your Life With Self-Hypnosis,” and unlimited phone and email support for one full year, if needed. For more information and reservations call: 1-800-848-2822 or visit www.easywillpower.com.

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