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Last Updated: Jul 23, 2008 - 4:15:37 PM 

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Where In South Hillsborough?

Where In South Hillsborough?
By Jerry Foster
May 8, 2008 - 8:35:51 PM

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Jerry Foster Photo
Once again we have a very popular spot in Apollo Beach.  Last week’s photo of the Manatee Viewing Center, located at the Big Bend Power Plant was a big hit.  Of course, this time of year the Manatees are on their summer vacation, but during the winter you don’t have to look too hard to see a happy sea cow. 

Starting the herd off in the right direction this week are Kirk E. Faryniasz (do you speak from experience?), Philip C. Young, Pat Masterson (the check is in the mail), John Sherburne (Jim must know a lot about manatees), Bill Galbreath, Debra Niles, and Sam Baldwin (I bet you thought you were looking at mermaids). 

More mermaid fantasists include Claudia Alvarez-Lang (you are spot on this week and a point is in the bank for the dog park as well), Justina Horvath (I will pass your kind words on to Mitch), Juanita Sehorne (Florida is full of natural wonders), Marie Burg, Steve Elek and Judy Alcumbrack.  Possible mermaid sightings were reported by Barbara Hayes, Bud and Judy Knecht (it was a warm water December day, no people or manatees), MLGarms, Mike Nabers, Michele Brennan (yes it is and that’s just what I was doing), Janet Doherty (a must do, no matter how many times you have gone), Bob Rast (thanks for the info), Brenda Petty (yahoo is right, thanks for playing), Anne Perkins (have a good summer, there will be a Desoto marker point waiting for you upon your return), and Martha Potter.

“Only you can prevent forest fires.”  Extra credit if you know who coined that phrase.  

Where in South Hillsborough is this?  Send your guess to 210 Woodland Estates Avenue S.W., Ruskin, FL 33570 or email

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Where In South Hillsborough?
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