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Last Updated: Sep 10, 2008 - 10:25:04 AM 

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View From the Road

‘How sweet it is’
By Dale Morrow
Sep 11, 2008 - 10:22:22 AM

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Several weeks ago my older brother, Robert (Bob) W. Morrow passed away. He had been having medical difficulties for a long time.
Robert "Bob" W. Morrow

 He was ten years older than I, but in the last twenty years the time  differences faded away. We became close friends. Our talks were good and varied.

He was the typical older brother for many years, giving me advise and guidance, even when I did not think I needed it. But, that’s what big brothers do.

 Over the years, we both matured and realized our relationship went beyond “big and little” brothers. It was very nice to have a good friend that understood me so well.

 We were quite different in how we traveled through life, but we both respected each others ways. I believe the differences brought out the most interesting and happy moments in the time we spent together.

 Bob, was a special man. As old and new friends came together after his death, a different image of him was revealed to all of us. We each had seen things in him that others had not seen. Brief encounters with his many diverse friends gave me insight to a Bob I did not know. It was a nice tribute to the kind of friend he was to others.

 The stories were sometimes sad, but then there were the funny and typical stories I expected to hear. He was a man who lived life to the fullest extent. Each day was a fresh chance at adventure. Those that knew him will understand what I am saying, and those that did not truly missed a treasure.

 I miss our daily phone calls and our not so frequent enough personal visits. He will remain strongly in my heart. Since the day he left, nearly everyday I have reached for my phone to just “check in”.

 Not a phone call or visit took place without his favorite quote by The Great One, (Jackie Gleason) “How sweet it is.” And it always was.

 My “View From The Road” will be missing something from now on. . . my favorite call or visit to my big brother.

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