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Last Updated: Oct 8, 2008 - 10:18:39 AM 

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View From the Road

Great service and competitive prices
By Dale Morrow
Oct 9, 2008 - 10:17:38 AM

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This past week I started preparing for my new job in Tampa. One thing on my list was to buy a new battery for my motorcycle. Since it will be my primary source of transportation, it was important to have everything at its best.

My shopping adventure started at several motorcycle shops. Parts and accessories are usually more costly and batteries were no exception.

After many phone calls and stops, I ended my quest at Posey Power Batteries on 40th Street in Tampa. As long as I remember they have been located at this location. I soon found out why they have been there so long.

Immediately on my arrival I felt a welcoming feeling. Courteous and complete customer service was the thing that stood out as I made my requests known. The prices were very competitive also, nearly 45% less than the places I had checked before them.

The price was important, but how they conducted their business was what impressed me most. A true concern that I was satisfied with my experience, and that I got what I was looking for was their goal.

During my visit every person I had contact with, asked if I was being taken care of, and thanked me for choosing them for my battery needs.

In these times of questionable serv­ice and rising prices, it was nice to find a business that defies all those practices and remained loyal to the old standards of doing business. Great service and competitive prices.

If you are looking for a battery, of any kind, and I mean any, I think you will find it there.

The variety was complete and surprising.

It is refreshing to find businesses like this. I feel it is important to do business with local folks, and I feel compelled to tell you about such places as I travel down the roads of Florida. My “View From The Road” has been enhanced with a new battery for my bike, and a happy experience at a local business.

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