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Last Updated: Nov 5, 2008 - 10:14:34 AM 

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View From the Road

Fall, My Favorite Time of the Year
By Dale Morrow
Nov 6, 2008 - 10:12:39 AM

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November is here. Some of the most pleasant and also the most hectic days are ahead.

Fall is my favorite time of the year. My memories from years gone by seem to center around the festivities and holidays that are ahead.
As a child, Halloween started it all. The cool evenings, pumpkins and trick or treating launched the good times for me. My father’s and mother’s birthdays were in October and November, followed by my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.
Every year I found many reasons to be thankful. Things have not changed, but I think I am now thankful every day! It seems that little things mean so much more now. The handshake of a good friend after a chance meeting, a subtle smile from a passerby, the crisp morning air and so many more things brighten my days. If I took the time and the space to list all the things I am thankful for, it would take up the whole paper.

This day, I am awaiting the ­arrival of my daughter and her good friend Ha. They are both celebrating their birthdays with me today. I have cooked dinner for them and a few of my sisters and their families, to celebrate. I am so excited. As you might have guessed, my daughter is important to me.

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. Then all the hectic times begin. I reject the idea of making this wonderful time a source of stress for me. I will recoil back into my comfortable attitude and watch as the frenzy unfolds. I will be caught up in some of it, but I will do my best to be an “observer” rather than a participant. That is my plan anyway!

Today I will enjoy in the pleasure of being with my family, contemplating the next sixty days. I look forward to the sweet feeling the fall brings to me. I plan to share my good times and pleasures with all of you.

I will expect that you will all have a delightful “View From The Road” in the times ahead.

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