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View From the Road
A Visit to a Wonderful Old World German Swiss Bakery
Aug 16, 2007, 11:33

Nestled in the countryside on State Road 48 east of I-75 Exit 321 and Howey-in-the-Hills is a little town called Yalaha. Don’t blink, you may miss it, and we don’t want that.

There is a wonderful old world German-Swiss Bakery there, Yalaha Bakery. It out in the middle of nowhere but you will “like nowhere” this time.

A few Saturdays ago, as I was going to a family birthday party I decided to stop and select something to add to the meal. What a great decision! I was not alone; there were about thirty cars there with the same idea. Along with the bakery were a Deli and a beautiful patio dining area to enjoy what you could not wait to eat.

The employees and the environment were pleasant and inviting and the smells were not bad either. I made my selections,  Swiss Rye bread and Apple Streusel. As I expected, my addition to the family menu was met with great delight. At the end of the day there was no evidence of my trip to the bakery, so, “I guess I done good.”


German-Swiss Bakery - Yalaha Bakery

I like to look for places like the Yalaha Bakery to satisfy my own sense of adventure and to share them with you. When I come upon something like, this it gives me great satisfaction there are sweet moments in our lives in some of the most unlikely areas. I believe they are revealed to me for a special reason perpaps. I think to just bring me simple joy.

I hope that you will be able to make this an adventure for yourself. There are many things to seeand enjoy along the way.

 If you are heading north on I-75, try to make this detour.

That Saturday gave me great joy, time with my family and a nice “View From The Road.”

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