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Where In South Hillsborough?
Where in South Hillsborough?
By Mitch Traphagen
Aug 16, 2007, 19:45

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I would have to say that last week’s Where in South Hillsborough that pictured the back side of the screen at the Ruskin Drive-In on U.S. 41 now ranks right up there with the dancing RV park as one of my favorites.  I loved the stories that people shared about going to the drive-in – they were wonderful to read. 

Rene Reno (I love the old speaker on the window, too.  Are you sure you don’t want to share any more stories?) recognized it, as did Pat Swaney (what do you think?  Of course!), Michele Brennan (thanks for the kind words!), Lisa Quiroz, Tyler Quiroz and (naturally I wouldn’t forget Mom) Nancy Cunningham, Kathleen Baldwin (I really appreciate the note – and I hope you get there soon!), Juanita Sehorne (mmm… popcorn!), Faith Hines (wow, that is so cool!), Scott Southers (thank you for the note – and I will tell him hello), Dave Liehr, Luke Smith (I’ll check on your paper – and I hope your summer is good, too), Anita L. Cain (I can very much relate to your story – been there myself), Betty Tanner (I hope so, too), Sharon Meneley-Crabb (the movies are good there, aren’t they?) and Ginni Voedisch (I’ll bet they did think it was cool  – and you’re cool for taking them there). 

And, in the midst of the stories, Elizabeth Chapple snuck in with the answer to a previous picture of the radar dome at the National Weather Service. 

This week we have something that should be easily recognized by the billion or so drivers who get stuck here each evening at rush hour.  Heck, I’m still surprised that I can use the words South Hillsborough and rush hour in the same article – but we all know it has indeed become a reality. 

Where in South Hillsborough is this?  Send your guess – or a good drive-in movie story – to 210 Woodland Estates Avenue, S.W., Ruskin, FL, 33570 or email

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