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Where In South Hillsborough?
Where In South Hillsborough?
By Mitch Traphagen
Aug 2, 2007, 17:42

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That big olí golf ball from last week is going to take on increasing importance as we enter the peak of hurricane season.  Not really a humungous golf ball, of course, it was the doppler radar tower at the National Weather Service office in Ruskin. 

Dolly Cummings recognized it (you got it - and I have to say that I think Camp Bayou is a South Hillsborough treasure), as did Juanita Sehorne (and itís soooo good to hear from you!), Bill Galbreath, Robin Greenwood (I would say golf ball - and also, congratulations!) and Mildred Aumack. 

This week we have a not-so-well hidden treasure chest - and given the bay areaís affinity for such things, it is also sure to be a popular place just before virtually any parade. 

Where in South Hillsborough is this?  Send your guess or a funny little story to 210 Woodland Estates Avenue S.W., Ruskin, FL, 33570 or email

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