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Sun City Center -'You, Me and Business'
By Elaine Brad, Executive Director SCC Chamber
Aug 2, 2007, 08:43

When I left for my vacation, everyone told me that when I returned I would be relaxed and refreshed and ready to come back to work.  Oh, yes they were right - I was (and still am!) relaxed and refreshed.  But the ‘ready to come back to work’ thing?  Well, I’m still waiting for that to kick in…

Let’s put it this way:  when my alarm clock went off that first morning back not only did I not hit the snooze, I didn’t even recognize the sound.  Instead, I incorporated the alarm buzzer into my dreams and that’s when things took a nasty turn.  You know those horror movies when the scene is sweet and serene and suddenly it turns bad?  Well, as my alarm buzzed away, my wonderful island dream became a less than wonderful island-with-a-giant-bee nightmare.  And as the bee in my dream buzzed louder and louder, I began running.  When I finally woke up, tangled in a knot of sheets, that’s when the big Yea-Boo set in.  Yea!  It was just a nightmare!  What a relief!  No big bee with a stinger the size of a javelin.   And then Boo!  Vacation is over!  

Honestly, for a moment there, I sort of wanted the bee back…..

BUT since I am back at work, here is some fun Chamber news!   The Sun City Center Area Annual Golf Tournament is being held at Freedom Fairways and hosted this year by Brandon Buick-Suzuki.   They are also furnishing the prize for the Hole-In-One contest; A champagne color 2007 Buick Lucerne. 

Gold sponsors are the SCC Observer, Liu Property Management, Inc., Freedom Plaza, The Retired Military Association, The Sun, The Tampa Tribune, Wilhelm Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. and Fidelity Investments. 

Silver sponsors are Wachovia Securities and South Bay Hospital.  Bronze sponsors are Encore Bank and BK Sales Promotions, Inc.  

Open registration has now begun so if you are interested in playing at this tournament, the price is $60 per person, $200  per foursome, and includes a continental breakfast, a full luncheon, goody bags and a door prize for every participant.  Call 634-5111 extension 102 for more information.

And as always, please stop in anytime and browse our lobby for member and community information!  We’re always glad to see you.  


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