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View From the Road
I Miss You!
Aug 2, 2007, 08:37

Most of you know that I am now living north of here in the Leesburg-Tavares area. I come back to Riverview several times a month to see family and take care of small business matters. I enjoy my returns  more than you might imagine.
I spend a lot of time in the truck traveling about the state, but driving my off time  I keep busy with all the normal chores around my place.
Last night I made several observations. I have been exploring the restaurants in the area, looking for that special one. So far it has not revealed itself to me. What was revealed to me was that almost all of the restaurants in South Hillsborough County are that “Special One.”  Not so much  the restaurant, but the patrons. No matter where I go in the county, I know someone; maybe an old classmate, a customer, or just an acquaintance. After nearly fifty years in one area one would have personal connections. I always knew this, but after a couple of lonely meals in restaurants around my new home, I have a new appreciation for “HOME”. There are a few old sayings about home, but I will not quote them. I think most of you know what I am saying.
When I walk into a place, I find myself looking for a familiar face, surprise,they are not here! The common invitation to join a family at their table is absent also. What a strange feeling! This will be a real test for the social skills that I always felt I excelled in.

Until I can make some new personal connections, a certain emptiness will be with me. The people are friendly here, they just don’t know me, and I am not accustomed to that.
The restaurants are not the only place I feel out of my element. The supermarket was always a great social place for me. The local hardware and the barber shops are friendly, but there is still something missing.
This location change will be a growing experience for me, and this is a good time for me to tell you how much ,  I MISS YOU!!!!
My “View From The Road” is a little more humble this week, as I have visions of my friends in South Hillsborough County. “THAT WOULD BE, ALL OF YOU !!!!”

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