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View From the Road
Visions of Old Florida
Jul 26, 2007, 08:11

This week I traveled into south central Florida. I was there to pick up foliage plants headed for cities in the Northeast and Midwest parts of our country. I found it curious that these plants that I was picking up in rural Florida would be finding new homes in places like metro Chicago and New York. As I waited to be loaded I looked across fields of palmetto brush and rugged natural landscape that was adjacent to the nursery, and pondered the difference in locations.
The area I was in was Zolfo Springs, in Hardee County. The contrast between this humble place and the possible destination of these plants just struck me.
Zolfo Springs is still old Florida. Laid back people, friendly smiles and waves, all the things that I have loved and cherished about Florida. The landscape is natural but beautiful. The roads are traveled, but “SHARED”. There is a different feel in the air.
There are many trees hanging over the water in the Peace River.  Some are the result of the river washing out the banks around the trees’ roots, while others are due to phototropism.
The difference only a few miles, and a few days in a long hurried week can make is amazing. From the hectic impatience of Metro Miami to the quiet friendly roads in Hardee County, that is what makes my new job interesting. Without this type of diversions how boring life would be.
The best thing is I get to share my feelings  with you. I feel  very comfortable doing this, since I feel that you are all my good friends.
“View From The Road”  with you over a morning cup of coffee at the Coffee Shop is great, infact . . .it can’t get any better than this.

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