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Whatever Happened
By Melody Jameson
Jul 19, 2007, 14:35

…New SCC Manager

Lyn Reitz, the “dynamic” new on-site community manager, was back in town this week, preparatory to taking the reins in about two weeks. 

Sterling Management’s lady-at-ground-zero and the first female manager in the community’s history visited on Tuesday, according to Paul Wheat, SCC Community Association president, continuing the process of getting acquainted with SCC facilities, leaders and layout.  Currently serving in a similar management capacity at another community, the St. Petersburg-based Reitz officially takes on local responsibilities August 1.

She was one of three experienced administrators offered by Sterling Management, the community management firm with which the CA recently executed a fresh, five-year contract, and the enthusiastic choice of CA board members in June.  “I’m fully confident she’s going to do an excellent job,” Wheat said, “she’s a dynamic individual.”  Wheat added Reitz’s formal introduction is slated for the August CA board meeting.

The new agreement with Sterling is based on annual remuneration of slightly over $216,000, with incremental increases yearly in the 5% neighborhood over the five-year span, Wheat said.  
…More Balm Dirt Pit
On July 9, after vigorous back and forth involving opponents to and supporters of the fourth expansion of the Shelley Lakes Mine abutting C.R. 672, a Hillsborough land use hearing officer approved taking out another 5.75 million cubic yards of Balm dirt.

In a June hearing punctuated with pointed discussion of “cumulative effects” - such as blowing dirt, speeding dump trucks, water table impacts, employment opportunities, sufficient construction material, private property rights protections – Harold Youmans, the hearing officer and a lawyer, clearly articulated fear of future legal action. The source he was apprehensive of, though, was not affected residents but the denied business operator.  Anticipating the lawsuit, he suggested “What happens when Mr. Joyner sues the county on a reverse condemnation action, because we have prevented him from using his land…?”  And, Youmans continued, “If he wins… is that part of analysis of the cumulative effect also?”  He then answered his own question: “sure.”    

Youmans did impose several conditions, including forbidding dump truck traffic on Carlton Lake Road.
…Passport Applications
Planning travel by air to Bermuda, the Caribbean, Mexico or Canada?   Don’t forget your passport application—literally.

Due to a deluge of applications from citizens planning  such trips, the deadline to have in hand the appropriate U.S. Passport has been extended to September 30, according to the automated U.S. Department of State passport public information telephone line (1-877-487-2778). Until then,  a government-issued photo ID and proof of the passport application are being accepted for boarding airliners bound for any of the four destinations.  No passport is required for such travel by motor vehicle, rail or boat.    

The department’s official estimate of wait time for a passport ordered on the “routine” basis is 10 to 12 weeks. Estimate for receiving an “expedited” order is two to three weeks.  There is no wait to make application through the Hillsborough Clerk of Circuit Court office, said David Jones, director at the SouthShore Regional Service Center on 30th Street. But he could not estimate the time lag between local application and entry in the federal agency’s data base, from which proof of the order is to be obtained.

To make an application appointment or obtain information, contact 813/276-8100, extension 3461.

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