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View From the Road
change will be welcome
Jul 19, 2007, 14:17

Tomorrow morning I strike out on a trip to Arcadia. After almost three weeks  of metropolitan Miami, I am looking forward to some different scenery. Most of  the driving between Tavares (where I live now) and Miami was driven in the  early morning hours. Early, meaning “DARK” so the view is limited.
I have to be in Arcadia at 5:15 AM, so going there will be the same as usual.
After I am unloaded Monday morning, I will receive my instructions for what  has to be picked up. That is when the good scenery begins. Even if I will have to head south, at least I will be able to see all the way there. I am  hoping for rural destinations for my pickups.

Most city destinations look very much the same, and honestly a change will be welcome.

This last week I ventured throughout Dade County and did meet many interesting folks.

Several nights were spent at the only close truck stop, where the scenery was a little bleak. 

I look forward to Highway 17 down through the center of the state. my hopes are  this will provide me with some views that will be exiting. Maybe some wildlife will cross my path.  In the past I always found something interesting on trips through this part of Florida.

The people are generally a little more laid back and eager to talk and be friendly. The people in Miami are friendly enough, but the pace is so rushed and there are some language barriers. I seem to manage fine, but the country folks appeal to me more.
I am hoping for some real exciting things to write about this week, so hold  on. Our “View From The Road” begins at 12:30 AM. So have the coffee ready and get plenty of sleep. Here we go.

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