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View From the Road
Working Today Doesn’t Bother Me
Jul 12, 2007, 11:27

I am writing this on the morning of the Fourth of July. This is a special holiday for all of us. This morning I must work for several hours, delivering some products to a grocery warehouse in Miami. I will have the afternoon off, but I will stay in Miami. The balance of the products that remain on my truck will be delivered on Thursday morning, then I will pick up a load to return home. My time off will be spent at a truck stop, with many other people still at work.
I tell you this, not as a complaint. The freedom to work and to celebrate on this day have come at a great cost. I think at times we take for granted what this day represents to everyone who lives in the USA. It is not just a day to cook out or go to the beach. All the activities that folks will do today are important. Spending time with our families, enjoying the nice Florida weather, working, and relaxing, these are good things.  We have so many options because our fore fathers had the wisdom and strength to create our wonderful country .

As I sit at the location where I will soon deliver, I see many trucks that are here to do the same thing. I am celebrating today in a different way. I will work with the understanding that I live where I am free to do whatever I need to do.

My day will be a quiet one, but I will be grateful for all the opportunities that living in a free nation provides for me. The fact that I am working on this holiday, does not bother me. There are many men and women working today in difficult places, protecting this great gift we share called  FREEDOM.  To them, I wish for a return to picnics and beach trips with their families. But until then I will do my job, and be happy that we have such good workers doing the tough job of protecting our freedom.

The day is fresh and the sky is clear. It is a great day to celebrate our nation’s birthday and to enjoy my, “View From The Road.”

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