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View From the Road
We Are Never Too Old to Learn
Jul 5, 2007, 15:24

I have been on my new job for two weeks, and I have been to Miami five times. It had been about ten years since I had been there, and to my thinking it has not changed much. I am sure in the out lying areas there have been some changes, but overall it seems the same.
The Broward- Dade area streets and addresses are a bit confusing. But between my laptop and two street atlases, I have been able to find my way around.
The road manners are real similar to the ones in our area, “absent”. Patience is not real common anywhere these days, but I don’t let that bother me. There are new challenges, but that is part of the intrigue of the new job.
I have spent quite a few nights in the sleeper of the truck; the trucks are roomy and well appointed. The truck stops are a little disappointing, but that is no surprise. My biggest complaint is the food. Since I like to eat healthy, I am forced to take my food with me. The prices are very high also; they realize that truckers are captive so the sky is the limit.

Well, enough complaining. The nice things are out there also. To and from Miami there are many wonderful sights. Early in the morning the wildlife is out along the highway. Deer, beautiful birds  and many other critters are along the well traveled roadways. Even the road kill can be surprising. Last week at sun up on US 441 between Lake Okeechobee and West Palm Beach, a six foot gator had a run in with a vehicle. The usual, armadillos and possums, are along the road too.

The roadside grazing of deer is one of the most common sights. I welcome the peaceful glances that they give me as I roll pass at 65 miles an hour.
The people of Miami seem much friendlier now, or I have become adapted to their ways, I am not sure which it is, but I am happy that it feels that way. It does not hurt that my Spanish is starting to come back to me. I have been learning Chinese, and I believe that has helped me with my Spanish too. I thought I was too old to learn new languages, but, I was wrong. It feels good to be  learning again. Computer software and audio tapes have helped me get back into learning.
My “View From The Road” has opened up many doors for me. The door to Miami is just one of them.

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